To Do List Continues

I did most of the things on my to do list today. I am currently doing my laundry. I haven't even peeked into Joe's closet to see what kind of pile awaits me there....ugh. I don't wanna know.
I went to my friend Tara's baby shower today. What a nice time, she got so many great things, and they had such good food and games. I'm so excited for little Jillian to get here. I got her a Boppy pillow with little pink and brown birds on it, from Target. It was on the registry, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
When I got home about 4pm, I put together my custom orders, shown above. I had alot of requests come in the week before I went to London. It was crazy! I'm just glad I was able to put them all together. You may have seen some of these before.
The center necklace was specially made for Elaine Ray. She sent me one of her new purple pendants, and a few matching beads and I put together this piece for her in exchange for some of her beautiful beads.
The dust bunnies are waiting for me.... see you'all tomorrow.