To Do List Continues

I did most of the things on my to do list today. I am currently doing my laundry. I haven't even peeked into Joe's closet to see what kind of pile awaits me there....ugh. I don't wanna know.
I went to my friend Tara's baby shower today. What a nice time, she got so many great things, and they had such good food and games. I'm so excited for little Jillian to get here. I got her a Boppy pillow with little pink and brown birds on it, from Target. It was on the registry, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
When I got home about 4pm, I put together my custom orders, shown above. I had alot of requests come in the week before I went to London. It was crazy! I'm just glad I was able to put them all together. You may have seen some of these before.
The center necklace was specially made for Elaine Ray. She sent me one of her new purple pendants, and a few matching beads and I put together this piece for her in exchange for some of her beautiful beads.
The dust bunnies are waiting for me.... see you'all tomorrow.


  1. WOW!! How is it you can accomplish so many things in one day? I'm feeling a bit mortal at the moment :)

    Very gorgeous and impressive jewelry!

  2. I love all the wonderful chain you have. I have such a hard time finding anything original. The pieces are all wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. I don't know how you do it all and the laundry too! (I personally have no idea how to do the laundry, so you would think that I could get more done!) Thanks for sharing, you are always so good at that. I need to stop and take more pics of what I am working on...just never seems to be enough daylight, and I put away my fancy-dancy light box as it was like the big white elephant in the corner. Purple is the it color right now...I just made two Humblebeads inspired pieces with purple as the starring hue. Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Anonymous9/27/2009

    First visit to your blog. Your jewellery is lovely.

  5. All beautiful pieces, L! What a stunning pendant from Elaine Ray! I love the cording mixed with the chain in the necklace you made for her.

    BTW-I love your new profile pic! That's a gorgeous shot of you! :) Wow, how did you get the lighting like that? And your hair looks cute. Did you cut it again?

  6. Hi Lisa!
    I can do so much because I don't really have a whole lot else going on. No kids. No responsibilites on the weekends really!

  7. Hi Marie!
    I buy a lot of my chain at AD Adornments. It's a great place for some unique stuff. Check it out!

  8. Hi Erin!
    I read your blog this morning and LOOOVE all the new pieces you showed! Gorgeous!
    I love seeing artbeads like Heather's used in new ways. It's so inspiring!

  9. Welcome Studio Sylvia! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Hi Erin!
    Thanks!! I just stood in my family room in a spot with lots of sun coming in through the window.
    Yes the Flip is Back. I got my hair cut at the Heathrow airport while waiting for my plane to come back home from London!

  11. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many thanks - Elaine

  12. All beautiful pieces. I'm a purple freak, so guess which one I like best. ;)

    I agree that the shot of you in your new profile pic is fab.


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