Workings for Tuesday


This necklace look familiar? Probably not yet, but if you pick up the
newest issue of Stringing magazine, you'll see something similar to this
amongst the pages! I created this similar necklace for my Etsy shop.


Itching to use my new leather ribbon from London, I put this necklace together last night.
The ribbon is silky smooth leather, in a dark navy blue. I used a pretty cool tulip pendant from
Jade Scott, some faceted lucite from London, and a GROW bead from Diane Hawkey.
I love the simplicity of this piece. It will be landing on Etsy soon, too.

Exciting news, I made my additions to the necklaces for the round robins (yes, there were two- I formed a smaller second group after I assembled the first group of 6) I am sending them all out to the next designer today, and will blog my additions once the next person gets them!
Aren't you excited to see them? You should be! They are sooooo beautiful!

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