Andrew's Big Cartel

My friend Andrew Thornton has been trying to clean out some of his beads, jewelry, and other such things to get ready for a move. He has started a nice website on Big Cartel to help sell his stuff. He had a sale going on last week, but there is still a lot of items listed for sale, and he will keep his store open until he can find new homes for all of these little doodads.
You should definitely peruse his site and I'm sure you'll find something you can't live without! Including some of Andrew's beautiful jewelry designs!
To shop, click -------> Andrew's Big Cartel


  1. Thanks for all your support! You're a gem! I've still got mountains of things that need to find homes other than the one I'm moving to. :-) Because we both know that I'll need more space for more things that want to find their way to me.


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