Bead.Porn. Feast your eyes on some CERAMICS!

Lorelei: " Squeeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllll!" Thank you so much Mr. Mailman!!
Postman: Thank you for the job security Lor!"

hehehe! this was the conversation outside my house at lunchtime today when the mail arrived.
As you can see, I got some gooooodies!!
Above are some ceramic lovelies from Gaea. She sent me some really pieces, I can't wait to play with them. I was jonzing for some shapes, stuff that isn't typical, or just rounds.
She picked out what she sent and I couldn't be happier!! I mean, look at them!! The hearts! The Skulls! the Flowers!! yay!

A little late to mention these but some of the beads pictured here are goodies I won in last weekend's Beads-of-Clay Open Studios online! I won 5 of the giveaways! I know! I was L-U-C-K-Y!

I got that Rust Ceramic leaf from Erin,
the Wish Beads are from Diane Hawkey, The twisted shards are from Marsha Neal Studio, the Lovely caramel pendants are from Chinook Jewelry! And then the 2 beads sets up the upper left corner, I bought from Summers Studio! I'm waiting for beads to arrive from Mary Harding, too! Some lovely heart pendants, featuring her awesome nature presses.
A little obsessive about the ceramic beads lately. I can't help it! I go through phases and it's a ceramic phase right now.
Fo Shizzle!
Sometimes it's lampwork, sometimes it's polymer... Looking forward to playing around with these newbies.