Fun with Focals: Chain!

chain bail

Here is another necklace design- created for Heather's Fun with Focals blog challenge.
check out all the submissions so far, in the Flickr group!

I'll be putting this one in my shop tomorrow morning.
I used some very small brass cable chain to attached the ceramic donut from Elaine Ray, to the Vintaj Brass decorative ring. Then up the left side, I wire wrapped some nice little brown ceramic coins. Up the right side, I attached a piece of soft leather cording and tried my hand
at one of those messy little nesty things around the center of the leather section. Added some little teal blue seed beads, bronze drop beads and bronze cube beads. The chain is rolo chain from Vintaj. That's gotta be my most favorite chain from Vintaj and I really wish I had a lifetime supply of it. I feel like I am running out of it every time I turn around!

Speaking of Vintaj, check out their blog- they featured one of my bracelets there today!

chain closeup


  1. Love it - especially that focal! I love the chain too! Love all the ceramic beads you got - you sure are lucky - did you play the lottery too!

  2. I love this necklace! A treasure piece!

  3. beautiful Lorelei!! super combo !! i love colors and materials!! so unique!!

  4. Wow, it's stunning! The browns and blues are such a great color combination!

  5. That's fantastic. I love the colors and the contast of the rough and smooth textures. This is a winner! I know you won a lot - I kept seeing your name come up last week. You are really going to have fun with all those. Happy Halloween.

  6. Love the cornflower blue and coffee together. Those ceramic beads make me think of creme brulee, very cool! I like your nesty thing, the leather is a nice touch. And the chain on the donut is super cool! I have a ZILLION donuts and have been wracking my brain for variations on my usual wrapped bail, didn't think of chain...

  7. Great looking necklace Lorelei! Love the 'messy little nesty thing'. Very cool!

  8. This piece is fantastic! I love it! I've been wanting to play around with some leather, this is quite inspiring! =)

  9. I agree...rollo chain is the best no matter where it comes from! I hope to post some of my fun with focals...but my computer totally crashed and I am not sure that I will make it in the challenge. Missed the ABS too. Drats. And I did all but this chain one too! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day! Erin


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