Getting on board with earring wires

Suspended Spinies

Yesterday I finally got on board and splurged for some real Silver wire. I was inspired from the Wire Style book that Denise Peck wrote. There are so many interesting shapes and wire forms in that book. SO, I splurged.

Silver wire is spendy stuff. Which is scary because that means my prices will have to reflect that and with the economy the way it is, will people generally be willing to pay more for silver?

We shall see. I created the Squared earring wires above and dangle some of Mika Collin's spiny lampwork beads on them. I adore them! I hope you do too.

They'll land in the shop during Monday's big re-opening!


  1. we can never have too many square earring design!

  2. Anonymous10/10/2009

    very cool!

  3. Wowzers!
    Beauties. Isn't silver super?
    The Empress of metals.

  4. very cool - it is fun to work with, isn't it? will have to check out that book... love mika's beads, it all looks great!

  5. cute earrings - sterling and fine silver are still the best - sure wish prices would move South already!

  6. Love the shape--I like 'different'.
    Those spiny lampwork beads are the cutest!

  7. I will check out that book, thanks for mentioning it...great looking earrings!

  8. Really lovely Lorelei- crazy beads too- know what you mean about silver wire - I have some wire ready to use but am scared that I will not able to make a pair that matches !

  9. i get mine at rio grande, it's about $21 for an ounce of half hard right now. i haven't looked everywhere, but that's as cheap as I've found it. 22 gauge is about .06/inch, I think 20 gauge is about .08/inch (including shipping)--not horrible. i mostly use 20 gauge for my earwires anymore. love to try some unusual ones like this! love them with the beads. wonderful!

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind comments out my newest earrings! There are a few more like this- funky and modern- showing up in the shop update TOMORROW! woot woot!!

    How much is an ounce exactly? In feet?

  11. Love the earrings shape and cute bead. I know what you mean about the price of silver - I am getting ready to order some but want a little of several gauges - I don't want to mortgage my house to get it!! Looking foreward to your shop reopening.

  12. Knowledgeable people pay more for quality. Also there's a whole section of people who can't wear base metal earring wires at all due to allergies so now you have a way to offer that group your fantastic artistry. Love the new earring wires!


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