happy thursday


Happy Thursday, loves!

I didn't tell you yesterday but the night before last, I hurt my back. I merely rolled over in bed, and pulled a muscle or something. Took the afternoon off yesterday and rested, with heat and ice and ibuprofen. Feeling much better today. Last night I battled it out in the studio and made this necklace, along with a bracelet for Gaea (for the swap we did), and a couple of pieces that incorporate Humblebeads. Those will be showing up on either Heather's blog or ABS, I'm not sure which.
This necklace started 2 nights ago...and initially started with the wood beads, and different ribbon. I switched over to this rust color ribbon instead and added the ceramic Summer Studio button which was the "missing link". I love how it turned out, and it looks so cool when it's on. I will be listing it in my shop momentarily.
I love all the comments I'm getting for this week's giveaway! Looks like a lot of people are asking for tutorials, which is cool.... Button jewelry, and long necklaces featuring Green Girl Studios beads. I'm getting lots of great ideas, I'm glad I posed that question this week! Just when I need a little push in a certain direction. I knew I could count on YOU!
Hope you all have a great Thursday...
ta ta for now.


  1. You may have to quit your day job and do tutorials. Love the necklace.
    Hope your back is better. I see this all the time in my line of work.

  2. Yet another great one! I love what you've done with the button, you clever talented girl. Take care of that back. Those things have a way of sneaking back up on you.

  3. Zoinks! Take care of you, Miss Lorelei...you are the only "you" we've got!
    I love this...that is ribbon? It looks like some funky chain. I will have to go back and look again. You are so wonderful...always my {not so} secret indulgence to feel like I am having a cuppa with you and your beautiful baubles! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Love the necklace - what a great combo of materials. Sorry to hear about your back. I've been partaking of the heat/ice/ibuprofen cycle myself lately so I feel your pain!

  5. These is really awesome. Love the wood and the ribbon!
    Take care of your back - sorry your uncomfortable.

  6. Oh, I love the punch of color from the Summer Studio button. Perfect with the warm tones of the wood. Bravo my friend!

  7. Ouchhh. Feel better right away!
    I love the wood shapes on this piece and the braid is fabulous!

  8. I love your pieces and how they area all so different. I'm a novice jewelry designer ~ your stuff really inspires me to get away from the same, symmetrical styles I make over and over again. Thank you!!


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