Kelley's New Beads

My friend, Miss Kelley Wenzel, has been making beads in a new shape. She calls them Egg-shaped beads. She posted these beads on her blog a week ago, and I bought them before she even had them up in her etsy shop.
When I got the beads in the mail, I was pleased as punch. the colors swirled within the beads is like nothing I've seen. The depth of color in Kelleys Beads is magnificent and it always leaves me wondering how does she do that!?
I came up with this design last week during my designing binge. I hand-tied some metallic leather cording that I got in London, and knotted the beads on in intervals.
I can see some teal accents in the beads and so I brought in some turquoise rondelles, wire wrapped them onto copper head pins and attached them so they move back and forth in between the glass beads, creating a sweet little tink sound.
The Sugar Skull is a copper metal clay pendant that is handmade by Green Girl Studios. I added a sweet pale greenish blue enameled rose above.
This bracelet is now listed in my shop.
If you want to check out Kelleys Beads, she's got some new Tear Drop beads listed now! You won't regret buying some, they are super!


  1. You're right-those beads are lucious! I love what you did with them - that clasp is so unusual. In your post yesterday-you used the same chain on a necklace and braclet-what was it made of? Thanks.

  2. That chain is from AD Adornments. I believe it is a silver coated brass chain.

  3. Thanks Lorelei, I'm glad you are so happy with your raku eggs. The bracelet turned out awesome! I think it is so cool the beads tink when the turquoise rondelles swing back and forth

  4. gorgeous beads and they are a perfect complement to the sugar skull!

  5. I love everything about this! I think need that skull.


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