My favorite dance

Enjoy this... this was my favorite dance done in last season's So You Think You can Dance. I just love it. I know you will too. They kept calling it the Butt dance.

click the arrow at the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER.


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  2. A dance I think I can actually do. Or at least the booty shakin' part of it anyway.

  3. WOW! I have no (well,few) words... That was incredible! I never watch that program - did they win? Whose music are they dancing to?

  4. I know, aren't they amazing!? No they didn't win, but they should have!
    I think I love the song even as much as the dance itself. It's a band called Koop.
    they rock!

  5. Mel Mel10/23/2009

    It's very slinky and has a "wrong side of the tracks" kinda feel. The song is way cool!!!! I can only imagine how Mary (the screaming judge?) went on about it. She must have loved it!! Mel


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