A Rainy Saturday

i made this necklace a long time ago. And it sold. But I was sad to see it go.
It was a favorite, for sure. So I thought I'd show it off again today.

The forecast for today: RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN. Which kind of stinks since I'm headed out to Saratoga Springs for the day to meet Beth and her husband for lunch. BUT it rained last year too so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. They are coming up from the Philadelphia area to watch their daughter race in a crew championship. We are headed to the Ripe Tomato for some lunch. But! Before we do that, I'm headed to one of my favorite bead shops in NY state.
Saratoga Beads! They have a nice selection of well, everything!! So I'm pretty excited about going and picking up a few cool things. They have the nicest selection of vintage glass strands of anywhere I've been.

I'm also looking quite forward to tomorrow. If you're a blog surfer like I am, you'll probably already know that the Beads of Clay group is having an open studio blog tomorrow!
A bunch of beady friends are participating and sorts of fun things are planned!

Here is a list of participants! (sorry, they are NOT linked)

MarshaNealStudio http://www.marshanealstudioblog.blogspot.com/
MaryHardingJewlery http://www.maryhardingjewelrybeadblog.blogspot.com/
Chinook Jewelry http://chinookdesigns.blogspot.com/
Diane Hawkey http://dianehawkey.blogspot.com/
Marsha Hedrick http://porcelainart.blogspot.com/
Joan Tucker http://offcenterproductions.blogspot.com/
Indian Creek Studios http://pampots.blogspot.com/
Lisa Peters http://lisa-petersart.blogspot.com/
Kristie Roeder http://artisanclay.blogspot.com/
Tracy Isley http://tracyisley.blogspot.com/
Melanie Earthenwood Studio http://earthenwood-beads.blogspot.com/
Winchell Clay Works http://www.winchell-clayworks.com/
Summers Studio http://summersstudio.blogspot.com/
Jessica Sharrah http://jessicasharrah.blogspot.com/
Creative Impressions in Clay http://www.claybuttons.blogspot.com/
EveryHeartCrafts http://everyheartcrafts.blogspot.com/
Donna Kornegay http://blingbeadsandjewelry.blogspot.com/
Sharleen Newland http:// www.shaterraclaystudio.blogspot.com.

Read the BOC blog to learn more about the schedule for tomorrow! And hopefully I'll see around the blogosphere!