Three was the limit

I went up in the studio last night after dinner and just let my fingers do what they wanted. Completely free to bead as I please. Do you ever have this happen? I walked into the studio with nothing really in mind, and then walked out with 3 pretty cool pieces, and 1 not so amazing piece that didn't make the cut. Must be 3 was my limit. The 4th necklace isn't so great. But I am quite smitten with the 3 that did make the cut. This first necklace is my favorite. It incorporates some of my most favorite bead artists. Heather Wynn (Pendant), Summers Studio (acorn), and some fun new copper bead caps from Jiley's Studio, and lampwork beads from The Orange Bell, and Sue Beads.

This second necklace incorporates my favorite, brown linen cording, a ceramic disc and button from Marsha Neal, and various beads in brass, wood, glass, and amazonite. I didn't want to add to much because I didn't want to take anything away from this amazing pendant. Marsha's glaze on this one is my favorite. I bought this at Bead Fest in Philly.

And finally a simple charm bracelet featuring some ceramic goodies. A lady bug from Earthenwood Studio, and a ceramic leaf charm from Every Heart Crafts. I wire wrapped a bunch of Czech glass flower beads and grouped them all together in a sweet little bunch, asymmetrically placed of course!! That gorgeous chain is from AD Adornments. I'm running low and really should put together an order.

I'm sorry for the poor quality of my photographs. It's pretty dark out this morning and I couldn't wait to get them in the shop. They will be landing there shortly. Thanks for stopping in!!


  1. These are all great!
    Would luv to have seen #4! ...
    Sometimes what we think doesn't look good, looks great to others.

  2. I agree with Sandi, it would be be interesting to see what you decided did not make the cut. My favorite is that bracelet, So simple and fun, and the chain is stunning!

  3. Very inspiring pieces! Sometimes I am able to just sit down and create jewelry, but the past few days have been dry. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

  4. really beautiful, hard to pick a fav - but i could tell you why each one is great! :0) bracelet is adorable...

  5. Hi Lorelei,

    These are adorable! You are so creative. BTW The necklace swap(#1) has been sent on to Alison. My blog has a clickable photo of all the necklaces together as I sent them on.


  6. All wonderful. What I like about these is the way they feel so transitional between seasons.

  7. All stunners... I do love that little ladybug and now am kicking self that I didn't order them when I had the chance! Your self-proclaimed poorest pictures are better than many others at the top of their game! You have a gift, dear girl, and I am so glad that you share it with all of us. Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. They are all so pretty but I adore the ladybug bracelet!! Very cute and funky! The flowers are a really nice addition.
    3/4 is pretty good too for spontaneous, unplanned creations

  9. Beautiful and I'm in love the bracelet.
    I've taken apart more pieces then I care to remember. I think if they don't grab me, they probably won't anyone else.
    I envy you being able to leisurely design at your discretion.

  10. Lovely work, Lorelei! Last night was a good creative night for me, too. I love looking at your work, and get a lot of inspiration from your site and notes.

  11. The first piece is my favorite too.

  12. I make jewellery but Ive got to say you are really a very talented Artisain. Bonny stuff Lassie! x

  13. Great stuff - I especially love the bracelet. I came this {} close to buying some of those ladybugs from Earthenwood earlier this week LOL!

  14. Wow, that second one with the button from Marsha is striking. Beautiful work as always, Lorelei.

  15. lovely! what does #4 look like?? just curious ;)


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