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Last night Joe and I went to see Where the Wild Things are. It was a wonderful movie. On so many different levels. And yes, I cried. Like always. So silly!! But mostly we were amazed at the number of small children in the theater. We didn't really think the movie was appropriate for such young ages. And were proven so on our way out of the theater and a young boy was crying and demanding to be picked up by his mother, because of the "monsters". (his words, not mine!)
Otherwise the movie was fabulous and just made me want to have a baby that much more.

I've got a day planned and at 2pm we are going to Afternoon Tea at the Rosemont Inn. This is always a fun activity and we've gone several times since I first blogged about going. I'd go back into the archives and search for the link but I'm just stinkin' lazy. It's a good time. I'm going with my friend's Maggie and Tara. I'm looking forward to many cups of tea and lots of good little snacks, but mostly the cream Scones. I hope they're cherry. My favorite.

I created this necklace above the other night. I am in love with it. And have been wearing it since I made it. And I will wear it today. I don't recall loving a necklace so much. It's just so ME. I named it River Runs Through it. River rocks, and water flowing- the glass bead from Kelley reminds me of this imagery. It is available in my etsy shop! If someone buys it, it will get me off my tail to make myself another.

I made a wire wrapped bracelet last night after I got home from the movie. Guess the movie inspired me more than I thought! It is pretty, pale blues, and browns, and bronze colors. With a wish charm and a small pewter star. I used one of Barbara Lewis' new enameled beads. It's wonderful! And I ordered a few more last night. SO beautiful! It's like my new favorite bead ever! Anyway, it will be landing in the shop this morning. Along with this. and this.



  1. My Mom told me Saturday morning that this movie really wasn't appropriate for kids under 10, which nixed our plans to see it this weekend. But I still want to go see it!

    LOVE the drilled stones next to my bead on this necklace. If I get time on the torch, I'll make more of these beads....haven't made them in years!

  2. Great design - love the stones with the lampwork bead. Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the movie. I had planned to take my son as he is a big fan of the book, but maybe he's too young for the movie at not-quite-seven-years-old. I'll have to re-think.

  3. I always cry at the end of the book! I can't wait to see the movie.

    Where did you get the great river rocks?


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