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It's always hard to come back after 5 days of being away from home, and get back into the grind of every day routine. It's Monday morning. It couldn't FEEL any MORE like a Monday.
We had a great time in Connecticut for Thanksgiving. I got to see my little Max and Alex, cuties! We had a good time playing with them and catching up with relatives. Thanksgiving dinner was a small get together of 6. It was delicious! Luckily we were able to bring home some homemade turkey soup too!

We had planned on going to Joe's 20th high school reunion this past weekend. Saturday morning we decided to head to Ikea for the day and then come back, nap and get ready for the reunion which was at a local banquet hall at 7:30. As we were getting ready, Joe got an email from a high school friend that said, sorry we missed you last night! Joe ran for the invite and read that the reunion was Friday night, the night before. We missed it altogether! DOH!
We had a good laugh and picked on Joe about it all day. Usually I would have been able to catch that blunder beforehand but since we got the invite months ago, I've always just believed Joe when he told me it was Saturday night. Never even read the invite.

So anyway, we headed to Ikea and I lucked out and found a cool new computer desk, and a new bistro style table and chairs for the kitchen. Joe put them both together last night.
I'm happy with our choices. I think we are going to plan on staining the legs of the table to more match the dark legs of the chairs. They weren't a set, we got them separately.
So the bead diet is going well and kind of useless since all I do is spend my money on big things like pieces of furniture from Ikea. What's up with that? Aren't I supposed to be saving my money for an iPod? I guess it was just burning a hole in my pocket. Actually Joe bought the table and chairs and I bought the desk with my own money. It worked out and lessened the blow for Joe a bit, which he was thankful for.

This week is going to be CRAAAZY. My open house is Saturday! I have to make a TON of new jewelry for it. Get the house decorated for Christmas. Come up with an appetizer menu. PLUS make a couple of more pieces and write tutorials for another project. I don't know how I'll ever do it all with my pesky full time job.
Hope you all have a good Monday.


  1. Ooooh, I LOVE your new desk! And so nice to have a tall table in the kitchen. I like those built-in shelves, too. I want shelves in MY kitchen! :D

  2. i don't know how you'll do it, either, but i know you will! you always amaze me with the amount of work you get done here online. as for the new desk: it's adorable! what a cute idea to have flowers under your keyboard. i'm sure it'll inspire your work, too. that's funny that you guys pay for things out of 'your' money and 'his' money. i know there are lots of couples that operate in this way but we never managed to do it. it's just interesting and something i haven't thought about in awhile. look at you blogging at 6:30am! you go! have a great monday and a great week. best of luck with the open house! i'm sure it'll be lovely. :)

  3. This is a great computer desk!!!

  4. Love the computer desk. I need a new one so badly - you've inspired me. IKEA is right across the street from my work so maybe I'll have to go over there on my lunch hour LOL!

  5. Lorelei
    Glad to hear you had such a good time in CT...isn't it nice to get out of town once in a while? I'm sorry about the reunion mishap...what a story!!! Good luck getting ready for your Open House...I know you are BUSY!

  6. spiritedearth12/01/2009

    just a hint for open house food..
    most of my galleries and friends head to Costco or Sam's. there are wonderful premade items that can help easy your stress preparing for an open house..great fancy chocolates and other fun snacky things..your are busy making things to sell don't need cooking on top of everything else..

  7. I love that desk! It would be totally wasted on me--completely covered with "stuff" within hours, but still!


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