Bead Shopping

I'm sure you've all said this at least sometime in your beading career:

"I've gotta take a break from buying beads."

or, maybe not? Maybe I'm the only one that has a serious addiction to buying beads online. Maybe I'm the only freak of nature that blows every dime that flows into the ol' paypal account on beads or beading supplies! Maybe it's only me that needs a support group for bead addicts.

Well, I've been faced with a challenge. To try to save my money for 1 month, to stop buying beads. 30 days. is a looong time. for reals. is that even possible?

An interesting concept. This will force me to use beads in my stash that I've been hoarding. and beads in my stash that I've been ignoring. This might even force me to bring out the big guns and you'll start seeing jewelry with the best components, the prettiest art beads, the blingiest doodads.
Of course, I can't have a challenge like this without some sort of reward to work towards. So I've had my heart set on buying an iPod touch for some time. If I can do this, I'll allow myself to make that purchase.

So all you beady artbead designers- I am normally easily tempted. But this time.... an iPod is at stake. Try not to be offended when I am not coming to shop as often, or am non-existent in the blog world. That's my biggest downfall- reading blogs and seeing the new stuff and wanting the new stuff. I'm telling myself that "This is not the ONLY time you'll be able to get that bead. It will still be around (hopefully) at the end of 30 days." This is my mantra, repeating over and over in my brain.
I could use your support. I know I can do this. But it's gonna be hard.

To share some bead shopping love, since I cannot- I got a great package in the mail yesterday from They said I can share the love, and so here is a nice little coupon code you can use on their website to save you 10%! Code: SCF10P-ARTBEADS-0424
Coupon expires 12/31/09 Oh and did you know, they have FREE SHIPPING?

So that pic above is a nice little silver button clasp that I found on their website. It's on my bead wishlist for when my bead diet is over. :)

I created this bracelet last night. I submitted it to this month's Art Bead Scene challenge.
The shimmery golden pink glass brios reminded me of the painting that was chosen this month.
check it out here.


  1. Morning Lorelei! Well this personal challenge is prolly one which you should do and for a great cause. A challenge that will make you stronger. I am excited for you! Some things are just good for us even if we dont want to do it...they make us grow....
    Janet xx

  2. You can do it!!!! It's good to have challenges especially when you get a reward in the end. You must tell us though if there are withdrawl symptoms. All the bead addicts out there will want to know what they are up against should they try a similar diet.

    That glass in your bracelet is beautiful. Very faiery world like.

  3. ooooh, right when Fusion is having 20% off art beads and Melanie is doing 30% off Earthenwood! You are a brave and strong woman!

    Seriously, I can relate - good sales are almost impossible to resist, as is when I'm out of town and find something I like - my bead addict takes over and whispers "you might never be able to buy this again!"

  4. First off, your bracelet is so beautiful and is perfect for the challenge. Now, about the bead diet, I hear ya. This is a great way to force yourself to use stuff you keep forgetting about. And, yes, blogging only makes the addiction worse. I'd love to take the challenge with you but I don't know if I have the strength. :( But what a great reward! Oh, and thanks for the ArtBeads coupon. You're just trying to temp the rest of us even more, aren't you?

  5. Hi Lorelei,

    I feel your pain, I reeealy do. I have a couple of psychological querks, one of which is OCD-hording, and the other is drepression with MANIC episodes. It's the manic episodes that cause me to buy, buy, buy. (And then I horde!) Thank the heavens for good meds. It's good to finally have it under control, especially since I am without an income at the moment.

    I am sure you will come through the month with a strength and resolve you didn't know you had.


  6. Anonymous11/07/2009

    I'm the same way. I found it helpful that has a wish list feature that lets you put items from any website on your wish list. That way I don't feel compelled to buy it that second because i know i won't forget about it since it's on the list. also, i find that sometimes after i wait a while, i end up deleting them from the list because once the initial rush wears off i don't really want them.

  7. Lorelei - You CAN do this!! You may even find your designing going in new directions since you'll be limited to elements on hand. It'll be fun to see what you come up with these next 30 days. And your reward ...nice!!
    As for me, we have frequent nice beady/gem shows in my area featuring a lot of the online peeps work so I tend to buy that way... gotta see, touch, feel, ya know?... I've been good at limiting my buying since being unemployed the past few months. No more "what the heck was I thinking?" purchases. I'm forced to dig into my h.u.g.e inventory and many times create something I never intended when the piece was originally purchased.
    Now, if only my creativity juices flowed as fast as yours... um, maybe that should be my challenge, 30 pieces in 30 days...
    See what you've done??!!

  8. hey good luck - not to be a brat or anything, but does this include findings? or is it a bead only diet...

  9. Lorelei when you have that hot little ipod touch in your hand you will be thrilled you stuck to your bead diet. It is the best.
    I love your challenge piece.

  10. You. Can. Do. This. You can. I know you can. Big breath.

    I like the anonymous commenter's suggestion of adding items to an Amazon wish list and then that initial adrenaline rush to buy immediately has a chance to wear off.

  11. Have been given the same challenge by my husband who said "don't you have enough beads?" - and he is right, but in the bead addict's mind there is never enough! So not only am I on a bead diet, but my doctor put me on a diet and exercise plan for high blood pressure - a double challenge... You can do it!!!

  12. I have actually done shows where I did not buy anything except basics,(tiger tail or findings, for example) because I always have so many beads stashed away.the copper bracelet is really great, thanks for sharing

  13. I have a bad habit of buying beads when I'm either overwhelmed with having to make a ton of things for a depleted inventory, or I'm stuck in a rut. I have more beads than some bead stores and I certainly don't need more, but there's always that ONE more thing....

  14. I think you have confirmation that you are amongst addicts. All of us in the beading blogsphere most likely have it in one way shape or form. I am one of those addicts. The more I look on Etsy the more I find I want to buy!! With all the stuff I have on the way to fill up my inventory before Christmas and starting into Valentine's, you think I would feel satisfied!! But no, it is not possible. I truly wish you the best of luck, I honestly don't think I could do it.

  15. I'm here for ya, sister! Together, we CAN conquer this addiction (at least for 30 days)!

  16. I need to do this (maybe after Christmas!) - and actually I have done it a few years ago with quilting fabrics. I think the rule we had then was that you could buy things you really specifically needed for the project you were working on, like thread or a specific single piece of fabric if you figured out you were missing a color or something. (As a matter of fact, I think it even had a name: it was Use What You Have months.) I find beads even harder than fabric to abstain from buying, though!

  17. I spend waaaaay too much money on beads. My husband just rolls his eyes when I say I don't have the right beads to finish a certain project when I have stacks of beads in the waiting.

    Normally I spend without thinking (those shiny beads are just begging to come with me), but recently I've been wanting to save up money to take classes. So, I have been trying really, really hard to spend only half of what I bring in from sales during the month. We'll see how long that lasts!

    I love the bracelet you made for the ABS challenge. Those briolettes are just yummy!

  18. KJ at Silver Parrot had the funniest top ten list of beaders from this past summer. I printed it out and it makes me laugh every time I read it. But you are NOT ALONE when it comes to this. Maybe you need a support group...can I be in that group? I need to take a hiatus as well with the new house looming, I can't be spending every last dime... so after the two big bead/supply purchases that I just made, this will be it for awhile... maybe until the new year (more than 30 days...ack!). Email me if you need support and encouragement! We can make it through together!
    Enjoy the day!

  19. You are not the only one addicted. I'm not sure I'm at intervention level, but it is probably close. I have to have my bead p**n. Good luck with your diet!


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