Last Night's Creative time

I created this necklace in memory of my Grandmother, Ellen.
My grandmother was born in Greece. I'm not sure what part of Greece, but I know she met my Grandfather when she was just a teenager, and came to live in the United States with him and his family.
I am calling this necklace Santorini. I was caught up in dreams last night of going to Greece. I've always wanted to go but now that I've been traveling more for work, I feel like I really could handle a nice trip to Greece. At this point, I just hope that maybe they will contact our museum to borrow something in the collection. Otherwise, I think I will have to do a bit more than just a bead diet for 30 days to save some cash to get there.

I literally started with the pendant and just started adding stuff to this piece, until it was finished. The stick pearls are reminiscent of the white hill side buildings in Santorini. Although the colors are much more subdued than the pictures I saw online of the island, they play well with the metal pendant which as actually a Mykonos metal bead that I got at Saratoga Beads.
I was thinking last night that maybe the last minute addition of the pewter fish bead was a bit over the top but I think Fish are quite the staple in Greece and so, I think it works.

These are the bracelets I created last night. I was in a real bracelet mood, although one of them started as a necklace (the blue and green one) but then I got impatient and it ended up a bracelet instead.
These will head to the show with me Saturday. Unless someone contacts me and has to have one before then.
Some shoppers have done that. You never know.
My sister is going to come up and help me with the show on saturday night. The show continues on Sunday as well but I think she'll have to go back home Sunday morning. :( Maybe I can get Joe to come help me out.
I am just doing some last minute stuff to prepare.
Oh, a heads up. The shop is closing Saturday and won't reopen til next Mon or Tuesday. So if you have your eye on something, better grab it now.


  1. I have been to Santorini, was that where your Grandma was born. Wonderful volcanic island with black sand beaches.

  2. I adore the necklace, I feel love inside :-) I've been to Greece too, a wonderful country!

  3. Gosh I love looking at your work, it always possesses such depth. The necklace is wonderful and even more so with the little fish! Good call on that. Love the bracelets - you are going to have a great show:)

  4. Oooh, that necklace turned out fantastic! Love the stick pearl beads and the pendant. Awesome complementary choices for all the other components!

  5. Love the earthy-ness of the necklace. It makes me feel like I'm in Greece (never been but always wanted to go).

  6. I would love to travel, and Greece has always been on my wish list! I think that you will get there Lorelei.. you are determined like that.
    You really are the Queen of Bracelets. Why is it that I can never seem to make them? They take me twice as long as any necklace and I never seem to get the proportions right. I am just in awe of the beauty that your hands manipulate. Thank you for sharing. (And I don't think any of them will last for long!)
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Just wanted to say that I soooo sooo sooo love your jewelry! I just think it is the most creative thing out there and it is fabulous! Have a great day!

  8. Lorelei, I love the necklace & the fish is not too much in this case. My mother's father (he died when she was young) was from Armenia. Sometimes my mother cooks Armenian foods for us, and there seems to be some crossover with Greek foods.

  9. PS. I visited Venice many years ago...not Greece but Europe is just beautiful. I also went to Italy which is a pleasure the friendly people and the desserts were way yummy! When I lived in Scotland I always wanted to go to Venice with my husband as all of those places are a hop on a plane away, but money is harder to come by in Britain so we couldnt go. I was just watching on the telly this morning about how they thought the island of Santorini was actually the lost continent of Atlantis as Plato had written. Very intresting. Maybe a visit to Greece is in the cards soon for you!

  10. Wow, busy busy! The bracelets are nice and bright. Perfect to cheer anyone up during the winter months. And your necklace is perfect! I love how you even thought of the fish.

  11. So busy and such beautiful results too - the Santorini necklace is a beautiful eclectic balance as only you can do, and the fish is just the right finish. Good luck with the show. Vicki

  12. Great stuff! I love the centerpiece on the necklace - it's so unusual!

  13. Greece would be such a romantic vacation for you and Joe! Greece is on the top of my list to get to someday, too. Love the necklace! It definitely evokes the feeling of Greece. That's one of the great things about making jewelry, you can just take yourself anywhere though creating a piece!
    Love all the bracelets, too! Really fun, vibrant pieces!

    BTW, How is the set-up for the show going? Did you find all you needed? You will show us pictures, I hope! Good Luck with the show! Wish I could be there with you! :)

  14. The necklace is absolutely stunning. I like the red bracelet too.

  15. These are spectacular! I looove the eye candy!

  16. Anonymous11/14/2009

    Never been there either, but the necklace looks very greek to me. I also like the little fish, I think it fits the theme.
    The bracelets are all awesome (didn't expect any less)!


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