A lot on your plate?

Why not have some fun with a challenge, right?
Since I'm the over-achiever type of beader, I created a bracelet for each
of the bug pictures in KJ's blog challenge.
Excuse the blurry and nasty dark photos.
It's raining and dismal today and well, I just couldn't help it.
But you can get the general idea of what I was trying to achieve here.

the beetle: glass rounds, copper metal seed beads, a Marsha
Neal Studios ceramic charm, wood slices, Vintaj Brass bead caps,
handmade brass hook and eye charm with filigree round.

the catepillar: Playing off the colors in this lovely creature,
I used an orange lampwork flower from Gardanne Glass, lampwork glass
nuggets in that perfect teal, black and pale blue color palette from
Crazy Cat Glass, Black vintage buttons used as "bead caps", bronze artist

the grasshopper: Ok, so I cheated a bit on this one. I had made
this bracelet over the summer but it fits so well into the color
palette of this picture. Ceramic toggle: Mary Harding
Glass drops, vintage glass tulip bead, Sue Beads lampwork, The
Orange Bell lampwork, Kelleys Beads lampwork,
and an inside out painted glass bead with grasshopper.

the moth: It's hard to see in this photo but I take that color
on the top of the moth as a light lavender color.
So I beaded this simple elegant bracelet with
Grass green heishi pearls, and top drilled lavender pearls,
with small lavender seed beads in between. Silver lobster clasp,
and silver flower charm from Hip Chick Beads.

the butterfly: This is my favorite out of the bunch.
I used a new Transfer ware toggle ring from Marsha Neal Studios,
Vintaj Brass toggle bar, heavy cable cahin, and lampwork glass from Kelleys Beads,
and a nice little Jade Scott charm. I went with colors from the butterfly,
and not the flower in the photo.

I hope you all enjoyed my challenge pieces! I had fun diverting my attention to something a little more challenging and FUN!


  1. You are a bottomless pit of ideas!!!! I love the buttons as bead caps idea. I am going to have to get some of those Marsha Neal toggle rings.

  2. You are ever the creator L!
    I love especially the one that looks like the Black swallowtail butterfly.
    But arent they all nice?! Its raining here too...nice and quiet say and Im not working today yey...

  3. Each is so special and so perfect for the color inspiration.
    Overachiever? Motivated? Yes. I think that is you. Makes me look positively sloth-like. ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Very nice! You are the over-achiever! They all match perfectly!

  5. Gorgeous! (Are you one of those people who don't need sleep?) I think I love the butterfly the best, but boy I am so impressed by all of these!!

  6. So creative! I am ashamed to admit that I am terrible at looking at a photo or object and making something that represents it. I admire those who can do this--and you are one of those people!

  7. argoknot11/20/2009

    L - you are freakin' over the top!!! All the designs are so interesting!! It's fun to compare the bracelets to the actual photos!! Thanks for sharing! D

  8. Wow!!! These are awesome and sooo inspired! I love them all! I think I like the caterpillar best =)

  9. You are my beading idol!

  10. Mel Mel11/20/2009

    Wow!! My eyes really "bugged" out when I saw these. Once again I hail to the queen! I love them all. They are awesome.

  11. What great interpretations!
    Love the one with the buttons - aren't they fun to work with?

    Ok, so do you ever sleep??!

  12. Lorelei - You are my coffee and chocolate combined!

  13. I love that grasshopper one!!! The colors are so great!

  14. You are so totally over the top! I love, love, love all of the things you did. Off to blogify your over-achievingness right now!

  15. All are perfect! Love your use of colors!

  16. Anonymous11/20/2009

    So many wonderful colors! I really like the design of the butterfly bracelet, and I love those green glass beads in the beetle one.

  17. You are a super achiever indeed. I love everything you've done here.

  18. Super great bracelets. I love your innovative use of the beads and your array of greens.

  19. Anonymous11/21/2009

    You don't cease to amaze me! You make it look so effortless... all those bracelets, just like that. And they are all beautiful and special. The butterfly one is my favourite as well.

  20. 5 Bracelets! (and I'm still scratching through my green bead stash)
    Go you Good Thing!

  21. LOVE the caterpillar bracelet! You should go to my Facebook -- I posted a photo of a necklace that someone said looked like a caterpillar and I wondered what everyone thought.

  22. What a beautiful work you have done Loreleï, both are gorgeous.
    Funny to see how you get in touch with the colors of the bugs and your beads.



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