My Enchanted Adornment

Now that the book is finally out on bookstands, I thought it was finally safe to show off the jewelry that was included in the Gallery section of Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thornton.


I created two pieces for the book- a necklace and a matching bracelet. As soon as I was asked to create something magical, a piece that exudes natural elements, and shows off the versatility of polymer clay, I immediately knew who to contact for my art beads.
I asked Michele Garrett Gesing of Gabriel to recreate a set of beads that she had made before- that looked like seaweed in the depths of the ocean. She made me a bunch of beads and sent them and I picked out the ones I wanted to use, as the necklace came together.
I also contacted D'Arsie of Mamacita Beadworks and she sent me these really cool pewter double drilled links that have interesting texture on them. To add to the whole underwater theme, I purchased these lamp work glass bubbly beads from Jill Symons. The necklace took no time at all to create. I used some deep green Fairy silk cording up around the back and tied some of Michele's polymer twisties onto the ends of the silk, creating a really cool effect.


Here is the matching bracelet. I linked Mamacita's pewter links together using jump rings, and and placed one of the oval focal beads asymmetrically next to the clasp. Tied some ribbon on and strung a few more twisty beads for some interest. The fine silver wire hook was handmade by Jennifer Stumpf, and hooks into one of the pewter connectors, as the clasp.


Here is a nice detail shot of the focal bead. Look at the colors and textures, and little swirls indented into the surface making it look like water ripples. Michele is really such a great artist. I love her work.

I am so glad I was able to collaborate with these fine artists to create a special piece for this amazing book. This book is an important timeless creation that teaches many lessons even outside of jewelry alone. I love that it teaches you, the creator, to be inspired by the things around you. You don't always have to just be inspired by other jewelry. In this day and age, where copying is at it's highest, most aggravating point- this book comes at a most excellent time to teach, inspire, and help you find beauty in all things amongst reality and fantasy. Be inspired by shapes, by colors, by textures. Look inside yourself for the creative and imaginative elements that help you become a better artist.


  1. Your work is always fascinating and I learn so much by admiring your work! Both this bracelet and necklace DO capture ocean magic! Thank you for sharing a closeup of these wonderful pieces...they are one of my favorites in Enchanted Adornments!

  2. Very cool! I love the twisty beads on the ribbon:)

  3. You know the world is a better place bc of you! Your designs truly inspire Lorelei!

  4. This is stunning Lorelei!

  5. Very nice set. I love the blue-y/green-y beachy feel of the polymer clay beads. Digging the textured links as well.

  6. What a great work you did Loreleï, even if you said it didn't take a lot of time to create. What imagination ! And the beads you used are just wonderful. Bravo to all of you take a part in it, great talent.


  7. Very nice pieces. Found you from Vero's blog. Look forward to more lovelies!

  8. You again picked such perfect companions to create a beautiful necklace and braclet. It does give you a "sea like" feel. Beautiful - your work is so inspirational.

  9. This book is indeed an enchanting resource to spark creativity! I love this necklace, really it was one of my favorites from the gallery as it looks so wearable. But I think your pictures did it better justice! Those polymer clay beads are really stupendous. Thanks for the links you provided so that we can all see some great artisan made things! Enjoy the day! Erin

  10. Lorelei,

    Thanks so much for your beautiful submission! It is so creative and wearable! I loved what you said about inspiration, as it is so important for any art.

  11. Hey Lorelei,

    Thank you so much for participating and sharing your pieces with the world through the gallery. I think that each piece in the gallery shows how diverse and different magical mixed media jewelry can be approached. Bravo!

    I also love what you said about inspiration. I think you're right on target there.

  12. Anonymous11/11/2009

    The colors and shapes work perfectly together to create a lovely whimsical ocean-y feel. Love it!

  13. Anonymous11/14/2009

    Those bubbly lampwork beads are awesome! And the green ribbon you used really looks like seaweed!
    Thanks for showing this! :)
    *runs off to look at more of Jill Symons work*

    Why can't we comment with just a name anymore? :(
    OpenID keeps giving me errors...

  14. What beautiful pieces! I can't wait until I can read the book!


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