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Fun with Focals- Day5

So ASYMMETRICAL it's almost Symmetrical! At first I wasn't sure about this necklace.
But today I'm really digging it. I created this piece for the fun with focals challenge over at Heather's blog. The challenge was to use a finding in a new way, so I split the toggle from Every Heart Crafts, and used one half for a connector, and the other half as the toggle for the leather loop. These ceramic pieces, including the leaf connectors, are part of Erin's new line. I just love them, they are versatile and you can use them with any color beads. Oh and the best part, the leaf connectors are double-sided, they have green glaze on the backs!

Wood Layers
These are some simple stretchy layering bracelets that I created. I tied them all
together by using ceramic art beads in each one. They look really cool when worn all
together. But I think I'll list them all individually in my shop.

This necklace is one of my favorites. I love the pink and orange color palette.
Bright colors in the winter months make me one happy gal. I'd like to do this style
again but in a blue and green or green and brown color palette.

Hope you all like my new stuff! I'm off to put these in the shop!


  1. Ooooo love them all but that last necklace.... The colors on that necklace are fantastic!

  2. I love the last one Lorelei, and love the look of using chain as the stringing material. I will have to check out Erin's new line.

  3. Glorious as usual! I love the earthy quality your pieces possess. The top necklace is my favorite - I think - pretty sure. I really like the red seeds. The leaf focals are wonderful:)

  4. can't.get.enough of you!
    What is that stone under the wood on the first piece? That is so pretty. Very lovely composition, dear. You are a master of the art.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Ooo...Cool necklaces, L! I love how you used my ceramic toggle in the first piece! Love the red with the aqua and turquoise colors. It's one of my favorite combos. And the leaf connectors look so great! Yippy! The color on the backs even show a little! That's awesome! Ok, I guess I will make some more of those! I just had to have you test drive them for me first! Oh and by the way I love those bracelets, too! I want those!

  6. Thank you for your comments ladies!! I am glad to see this input, you all are the BEST! Thanks for making my day!

    Yes Erin, make more -make more NOW!!!!!

  7. Anonymous11/05/2009

    Sweet! Love the colors in both necklaces and earthy quality of the bracelets!


  8. love this! the little flower just MAKES it. I'm digging this orange and pink palette too, since I saw one of your bracelets several months ago in the same combination. Especially nice with oxidized brass.

  9. Ooh, I like the first necklace. The red and turquoise look nice together. And those leaf connecters are really cool.

  10. I just absolutely LOVE the pink and orange necklace. It makes me very happy to.
    I have to go check it out. It's irresistable.


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