ArtBeads Gift Certificate WINNER!


Can you believe this giveaway prompted 91 comments! That's probably the most that I've ever gotten on a giveaway!

Thanks for your overwhelming support and love.


It was just the prize?
Alright well,


<--------------- According to the super cool True Random Number Generator, the winner of this week's giveaway is.....


Phyl said...
....I'd order seed beads and pearls to play with! Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to play......

Thank you Phyl, I hope you get the beads and pearls that you were wishing for! {Send me your full name and address and I will forward that info to and they will get your gift certificate right to you in an email!}

Stay tuned for the next cool giveaway, another Classic Bead pendant!!


  1. Congratulations Phyl. You lucky duck. Artbeads blessed me with one of these two I'm giving away on my blog to the winner of my contest.


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