Chain Gang

You know who I love? Rings N Things. The fine folks over there invited me to be one of their blogging partners and they send me really cool stuff. Like what you ask? Like, CHAIN!! I got 3 types of new chain to play around with in the newest batch of goodies. I used them in the following ways:

Number one:

I created a long CHAIN necklace by connecting this hammered brass cable chain with this big chunky wood chain from R&T. It's a long 36" necklace that will go with anything! And it's such a statement piece- lots of compliments came my way when I wore it to the Craft show at the Temple a couple of weeks ago.

Number Two:
I also used this cool chunky gunmetal cable chain in one of the necklaces I created for Marsha's Mom's etsy shop. It has the coolest finish and I love the weightiness of it. I'll be using more of this for some bracelets soon.

Number 3:

And finally, this delicate darkened textured cable chain adds a nice flair to this dragonfly necklace that I put together with some linen cord and glass beads.

Another cool spot to hit while you are on the R&T website is the Design Gallery. There are lots of easy and inspiring designs to jumpstart your beading frenzy!

Next time you are looking for chain, Check out the chain section at Rings N Things. I bet you'll have a full shopping cart before you can blink an eye!
Rings N Things have sent me these products to review on my blog and I have not been paid for my endorsement of these products as it pertains to the products recieved.


  1. I really liked how you used the wooden chain: simple, but very useful and a perfect balance between the two chains.

  2. Nice use of the wood chain...I have been stumped by what to do with mine. I would love to use the links separately but they are not that easy to cut apart. I love what you did. Simple and modern. I love that hammered chain. Love the little beads you wrapped on with the linen. I think I am scared of that sort of stuff. Great pops of color! You, my dear, are master-full! Enjoy the day!

  3. Loveeee the first one with the chunky wood chain!!!

  4. Great way to show off the range (the chain?) of inspirations you've been having lately, Lorelei. I just really enjoyed the look as well as the content of what you're presenting here! Best wishes and happy holidays...

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

  5. That's some mighty fine chain, Ms Lorelei! And some awesome fine projects to show it off!

  6. Hi Lorelei,

    I love the simplicity of the wooden chain necklace yet it does make quite a bold statement. Nicely done as are all of the pieces in your post today.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. They are all beautifully done. Your creative juices must have secret powers. Maybe you can bottle some and sell it.

    RingsNThings has a lot to offer. Free stuff is always fun!


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