dec 2: post 2 of 2; My Mamma: the seamstress

Boy, I tell you. My mom, is one talented
Mamacita when it comes to using the sewing machine.
She just sent me a package of new totes and aprons
that she created. Gotta love the OWLS!
Yea it'll be hard to let these go.
They are one of a kind beauties.
I am going to try to sell them at the open house
this weekend. If they don't sell, they'll be listed

owl tote, with tweed, and cotton fabric,
and button enclosure.

flower tote, with leather flowers,
tweed, and cotton fabric, and large
button closure.

small owl tote with cotton fabric,
button enclosure


  1. Good luck with your open house. We have been doing one for 10 years - next week is number 11. Here is a no-fail appetizer recipe that is a favourite every year at our house. I mix up the cheese mixture a couple of days before and then scoop out the bread in the morning. When guest arrive, I put it together, pop it in the oven and it is ready in 10-15 mins.

  2. Moms! Aren't they wonderful? I'm crazy for tote with the leather flowers. Flower Power. Peace!
    Good Luck with the open house

  3. they are wonderful! i love the top one... but then again, they are all great! just keep breathing, before you know it, it will be here and then a memory... enjoy - i am sure you have lots of wonderful things... and remember to lay the mags and books around that you are in! perhaps you could have those designs on hand...

  4. Thanks Susan! that sounds delicious - I think I will make that!

  5. Fantastic!! I wish I could sew. Loved chatting with you today, we must have lost each other I sent you a message saying that if you ever make it up here you have a place to stay :) Thanks for being my fan on facebook!!


  6. Ever so cute! I love the one with the flowers especially much!

  7. Gail W.12/04/2009

    I love the aprons!My mom and I need one each for Christmas cooking!When will you be selling them?

  8. Lorelei
    Your Mom's work is wonderful..she has outdone herself with these new pieces! I can attest to her talent.. I have 2 of her totes! :-)


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