digging deep

I am digging deep for inspiration. I found this lovely photograph on Flickr from Cupuacu. I'm looking anywhere I can for inspiration these days. Especially as I gaze out my office window and see fine white snow falling delicately from the sky. First snowfall here in Upstate NY. I knew it would be soon but it doesn't mean I'm ready for it.
I had a terrible night in the studio. I must admit, I am just not good with deadlines and pressure. And I realized one thing last night as I sat with my head in my hands, wiping the tears away as I stared at the almost done, but not quite done, necklace on the table in front of me...
You can't Force it.
If it doesn't come naturally, it's time to walk away and work on something else. I unfortunately felt so shaken and tired I couldn't even work on the "something else".

I'm hoping for an "easier" night tonight. It better be easier and flow steady because I've got only 4 short days til people will be showing up on my doorstep with pretties on the brain, and an appetite for some snacks.


  1. Oh Lorelei YOU CAN DO IT!!! Your work is awesome and I'm sure what you already have is beyond impressive! So just tell yourself that the rest of your inventory is about you having fun. This is a great picture btw! I see pearl, beach glass and something ebony-wood or onyx, and a hint of lemon? (Sorry- hope I didn't overstep!)Allow yourself those few tears-they "rinse out" some of our mental debris:D

  2. I was feeling stressed for you when you wrote your last post - make more! decorate! cook nibbles!

    Stop and take a breath!!!

    If inspiration isnt there, you have permission to go decorate. Feel festive. Have a glass of wine. YOu will get it done, but you are one person.

    They will come in search of pretties, and if they never see the aforementioned necklace, they surely wont mind...

  3. Lorelei,I am always inspired by your endless work and dedication to your blog. I dont know how you do it, creating,listing,blogging,tutorials,websites,all that you do everyday,so give yourself some breathing room,and look at everything you do on a daily basis,I cant even get a listing done! Everyday I look forward to looking at what you create. It is actually nice to know even you have these times too. We all do thats for sure! Hers to a better night tonight. Laura

  4. I really feel for you bc of the deadlines and pressure. Relax...TAKE a few. Stop if you have to. Get out some Stringing etc for some Inspiration. Dont cry...bless you. Maybe slow down on too many things to rake on at any one point? Youre right Inspiration cant be forced. Lotsa huggs xox you can do this! xox

  5. Deep, cleansing breathes, my dear. It will all come together and be beautiful.

  6. I have faith in you that you will find your "groove" again. I look forward to more of your awesome treasures! Great success on your open house also.

  7. You especially can't force it when you're exhausted. I wanted to have lots of finished jewelry for my show this past weekend, and I was trying to make stuff on Friday night. When I couldn't even put together a pair of earrings I gave up and decided to walk away.

    Whether you have 20 items or 200 items, people will be coming to see and support YOU. The jewelry is just a bonus. When you sit down tonight to work, approach it as any other night when you're creating, and don't worry about the weekend. Just get in the groove and you'll find you've made a pile of great pieces.

  8. We all have bad nights in the studio... and then the next night it is magical and you forget all about what happened!

  9. Hmm..I am glad to see you are human! I was really beginning to think that you were superwoman! :) I agree with everyone else, just take a break...and breathe. You (and your designs) never cease to amaze me and I am positive that today will be better for you! Sending a big hug your way.

  10. Sweetie...it will be okay. Just let it go. Maybe that one wasn't meant to be, and you are right that you can't force it. Don't even try. I had the same experience when I did my one and only show in October. That is when we decided to up and sell our house so I immediately had to switch gears and stop creating and start packing. I couldn't hit any of my self-imposed goals and deadlines. So I stepped back, took a deep breath and just let it go. I knew that it would be alright with what I had, and I was right. It certainly didn't diminish any sales and no one was upset with me. Relax and have a good time. If the party aspect is stressing you, ask a friend for help (I would be there if I could). Don't worry about the food and drinks, they are there to see YOU and YOUR ART. I will be sending sweet thoughts your way Miss Lorelei. Know that we are thinking of you!
    Remember..."Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."
    Enjoy the day!

  11. was wondering - do your pieces always have to be originals? can you do reprises of or variations on previous work? i'm sure no one would mind either - and would probably 1) not know the difference or 2) be glad for the second opportunity!

    in any case, you're an inspiration to us all out here in more ways than jewelry-making and i hope you can feel that we are holding you up from near and far.

  12. Breathe Miss L! I walk away from pieces in progress all the time (of course that's why I don't have very many new jewelry items going right now- just haven't been feeling it). I'm sure that what you already have for the show will be plenty but I do like the suggestion from mary s... maybe whip up a few similar designs in different color palettes? That might help break the pressure of coming up with new designs.

  13. Sweet Lorelei,

    Everyone has such good advice. Hang in there and give yourself some breathing room. Sending special good thoughts your way.


  14. You definitely can't force it. But, hey, you recognized that and took a break and that's a good thing. That picture is awesome and I'm sure you'll be back to your normal creative self in time to make something gorgeous inspired by the photo. Plus, hey, you told me you wanted to make something in the same color scheme as my parrot, remember? How's that for inspiration? ;-) Hang in there!

  15. L - You'll do fine. As someone said earlier, perhaps make some variations of tried and true pieces. Trust me, NO ONE will know the difference. It may even spark a new inspiration by making an old one.
    I've done one show and I know the pressure to create, tag, price, etc., etc. ...and it wasn't even in my own home!! You want to look fresh, so don't beat yourself up. Just go with the flow.
    And, if I were closer I'd come and help too!
    sandi m

  16. You're right, you can't force it. If you try you just end up blocking the flow even more. I hope tonight's a better night for you. :o)

  17. Aww sorry to hear that you are having a hard time!!! I am positive that if you even just stopped now, everything would still work out okay. I'm sure it will all work out, it always does! Like you said, don't push yourself.

  18. Hey Lorelei
    I'm sorry to hear about your night...I understand what you're going through - and I know you know that! Christine over at Stories They Tell had a wonderful post a while back about not forcing your muse - do you remember that one? But in this case I realize the upcoming deadline. I wish I lived closer cause I'd love to help with your Open House (like bake some goodies). Hang in there!

  19. Hey Sweetie,

    Love this photo. Wish I could go somewhere like that! I know Winter can be tough for inspiration, it is for me anyway. I must admit getting through the Winter months is very difficult for me. I wish I could live somewhere south during winter, but I love New England for every other season. I wish you luck with all of your upcoming projects! And good luck in the studio! :) Love ya.

  20. yes! totally! all these lovely women are giving you the right advice. the words that you are probably already telling yourself. it will turn out great. without the stress. you don't need to be frazzled to be successful! glad to know we all have those crappy days in the studio. i think it especially burns sometimes because the time we spend making jewelry is the time that we have stolen away from the real world to do something we really love and enjoy and care about. i'm having that lately b/c i don't have my studio where i would like it to be. i see all these gorgeous little habitats that people create for themselves and i know i'll get mine back in shape soon but for now it's not really a place i want to spend time at. oh well! so goes life. best wishes again for a great open house!


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