It only took 2.5 years to finish!

That's right folks. The bathroom is finally finito. Done. Fin.
And I must say,

it's my most favorite room in my house right now.


Here are some before pics of the bathroom when we moved into the house. The full bath on the first floor off the family room, was partially gutted when we moved in due to the previous owners starting the project and then splitting up due to unfortunate circumstances.
Little by little Joe has gutted the rest, tore everything out and replaced EVERYTHING new.
A bathroom reno is expensive so this is the best way we could do it. Piece by piece.

and now it's done.
and I couldn't be happier.

or prouder of my handy hubby. Thanks Joe. You're the best!

Next on my list: create the reading nook.

Yesterday I went online and bought this cute chair for the reading nook. I have this weirdly long shaped family room with this little space that we have yet to fill with furniture. Last year we put the Christmas tree there. This year we couldn't, mostly because all of Joe's tools and the toilet from the bathroom were using this spot.

Now it's all cleaned out. And empty again. So my plan is,

a round area rug. This cool chair. a side table. floor lamp. a cozy blanket. a small ottoman. a candle. a book. a cozy nook to snuggle up and read.
And then maybe those ugly closet doors
could be ripped out, and I could revamp the shelves
into book shelves.
yes, indeed.
a good idea.


  1. It looks beautiful! How nice to have such a handy husband =D

    Looking forward to seeing your reading nook, sounds cozy!

    Take care

  2. Gorgeous! And I'm so pleased to know we're not the only ones with a bathroom reno that took 2+ years!

  3. What a great bathroom! I love your owl friend in there.

    When you all are finished with your reading nook, come on down to rural Pennsylvania and help me get my new studio in working order. I've decided that I already hate the color I just finished painting it. ;-)

  4. beautiful bathroom! we have to do ours (this may take a few years).

    enjoy your new space!

  5. Yea! Good for you and Joe! I can't tell you how long it took Chuck and me to renovate our guest bathroom - part of the trouble was just agreeing on the details - but it turned out great.

  6. Mel Mel12/30/2009

    The bathroom is awesome & your idea for a "book nook" is great. That chair is way cool & the removal of the closet doors for book shelves is an excellent idea. I love it!! Have fun decorating. Mel

  7. The bathroom is beautiful. Great mirror, slate and sink!

  8. WOW I have not been here in awhile. Missed all the beautiful designs and your Merry Christmas Wishes.
    When you own a home you're never done.
    That chair says Lorelei all over it. It looks very inviting like it's saying, "come sit on me."

    Take a break, finish your book and relax.

  9. The bathroom looks great - no wonder you are pleased.
    We're just about to do the big number on ours and the laundry too.

  10. It's beautiful! I can wait to see the reading nook, too - I love that chair!

  11. Very, very nice!! Gee, is Joe for hire?! Ha!!

    Sitting nook will look great with your plan - yes, lose the doors. add shelves....

  12. Ah very spiffing Lorelei!


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