little glass sculptures

Mika - I heart you and your beads so much.

... little glass sculptures, delicate and lovely. The colors of these beads are so unique and I love the combination- teal with a pine green. I recently bought several sets, there was a sale. You know how that goes. Cannot resist a good sale. So now I've got quite the dragon's hoard of Pinocean beads in my stash. I suppose I can finally start using them now. Maybe.

Mika is so friendly and ships her beads so fast. And she appreciates every single sale she makes, and wraps each bead set carefully in bubble, in a box, with the prettiest paper cover I've ever seen, stamped with a custom stamp in red. It's like a special little present that shows up in my mailbox and you just can't beat getting little presents in the mail.

I also ordered some glass beads from Ellen Dooley. They are on their way and should be arriving today, can't wait to show you those. They are beautiful as well.


  1. oh, i hear you! mika's beads are so delicate and beautiful... they are so unique and identifiable... the ones you got are great...

  2. Dragon's horde...that is a funny way of putting it! I am with you on that. I love the pretties you are sharing. I do have to start using before I buy again, but I will check out both sellers. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day, Lorelei!


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