New Earrings

Happy Saturday! Today I am sporting my new Mary Jane Dodd (aka MaireDodd) earrings. I bought these for myself because I love Mary Jane's work, and because I love jewelry. I adore them. They are my new favorite thing. Thanks MJ!

Today we are headed out to the Suburu dealership.
Going to try to trade in our old suburu for a new suburu.
we'll see how it goes.
they have to give us at least what we owe.
and if they are feeling especially swindler-ish there,
this might not work out to our advantage.
wish us luck.


  1. good luck with the car (dealerships upset my stomach) - and thanks lorelei ~ i was so pleased that you liked them... they are meant to bring you peace, hope it works!

  2. wow, i LOVE the copper and lilac together, esp. with the silver. not a combination I'd contemplated before but it's stunning! (OK, got to run off and copy it).

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  4. Those are soooo pretty! Good luck with the car. I HATE spending money on cars and yet we live in and area where you have to have a car. Cars and bras-hate shopping for them!!

  5. Good luck - I hate buying new cars because of that reason! Oh, and I agree, bras are pretty suckish to have to shop for too!

  6. lovely earrings...good luck at the dealership

  7. The earrings are just wonderful and look so nice on you! Good luck buying a new car, it is kind of like going to the dentist.

  8. Those earrings are sensational! Hope all went well with your car!

  9. Anonymous12/17/2009

    pretty pretty :)


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