Post Christmas Update

Ahhhh. It's good to be back home. We headed out to Connecticut to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws on Thursday morning. The plan was to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day in CT and then Saturday, head to my parents in NY to celebrate there and then travel home Saturday night. This is a bit much, as far as traveling goes. The weather didn't cooperate and so we canceled with my parents and are going to head there for our family Christmas, this coming weekend. So we headed home yesterday and had a nice quiet evening. We don't usually watch many movies but we were in the mood so we ended up getting one on On Demand.
Taking Woodstock.
It was alright. Not great, but pretty entertaining. Demitri Martin plays the lead and there are some other big names in the movie too. It was a bit bizarre in parts but overall we liked it.

Christmas eve was a small family get together of Joe's cousins, and their parents, Joe's Aunt and Uncle. We had some great food, drinks, and then enjoyed watching Joe play Santa. lol The kids are oblivious that Santa is actually Uncle Joe. We get a kick out of Joe in the family Santa costume. Every year it induces mad giggling. And lots of adult innuendos that the kids never pick up on. :) On his way out Santa asked me for a Kiss which caused the kids to bust out laughing. Too cute.
We stayed the night at Joe's sister's house and it was great waking up with Max and Alexandra on Christmas morning and doing gifts there. Christmas day was nice and calm and low key. We started a new tradition with my Mother-in-law and go to the movies for a matinee. This year we enjoyed It's Complicated, with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin. It was outstanding. I loved it. Meryl is such an amazing actress. I love everything she's in.

When we got home yesterday I had this beauty in my mailbox. I blogged last week about a necklace that I made for Nancy (Round Rabbit). Well, lo and behold, she made this for me! I had read on Facebook a few days ago that she was putting together a special bracelet for a special person with a certain special bead and had no inkling that it could be for little ol' me. I was shocked and blown away by her act of of beadiness. Look how amazing this piece is! It's amazing! A show-stopper for sure!

After a nice hot shower last night, I sat down and read the first few chapters of The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. It's the book club book that we are starting for January. I like it so far. It's easy reading and is very interesting. I'm excited to get further into it to find out what the 98 year old main character is hinting at, when she mentions a Poet whom she was a servant for, supposedly committed suicide back in the 1920s. A big unknown secret lies beneath the rumors-

And as for beading. I've been meaning to get my butt up in to the studio today but it's already 3pm and I'm still not there.
*sigh. I need some inspiration. Seen any good inspiration lately? Care to share?


  1. unfortunately you won't find inspiration here....I'm in the same place, but I just give in and concentrate on the other things that need doing....good luck, love the owl bracelet!

  2. What a beautiful bracelet. You must feel special. Love the owl bead!

  3. That bracelet is freakin' amazing. Wear it well.

  4. I've got some inspiration for you, but you're gonna hafta wait a few more days :D

  5. I love your bracelets and necklances that combine ribbon, chain, etc. I used your mixed media creations as inspiration and made a neckalce for a friend for Christmans using a Jangles pendant, czech crystals and fairy ribbon - she loved it and I was happy to try something new.

    So 1) try something completly new or 2) do new things with some of the neat techniques you already use.

    Good luck and happy new year.


  6. I love the bracelet too - nice to find a surprise in the mail - well nice to find anything besided a bill!! I think I may join the on-line book club - I love to read in the winter and my library does have the book.

  7. I hear the new Bead Trends is amazing! You should pick that up.

  8. Oh my! That is an awesome bracelet!

  9. hey there! Merry Christmas to you and Joe! I saw Taking Woodstock during my first few weeks here in Israel so it just made me really homesick.. we lived in the same area.. it was a bit odd but funny, too. The mom hoarding all the money? I totally get that from this side of the world. :)

    That was a super nice act of beadiness you received! Go you! How nice of your friend to send you that.

    Hope you enjoy your holidays! :)

  10. That Bracelet is GORGEOUS! I love Nancy's work!

  11. I am a bit uninspired myself, but your beautiful bracelet has given me some new ideas! Thank you for sharing, and have a wonderful New Year!


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