Relieved on a Monday?

I finally got my project finished that I was working on for the past few weeks. What a relief that was to send it out the door. Whew. Now that that's done, on to the next stress. Christmas Shopping. Got a little bit done today but not all of it which means one more trip to the freakin' mall. Man, I hate that place this time of year.
Nice Christmas spirit I'm in huh? And then the next stress on top of Christmas, Quarterly Taxes. I think maybe I'll finally be able to relax about mid January.
Good news, I've got some new bracelets, 6 total! Slowly filtering into my etsy shop. Here's one of em; MY FAVORITE.

just check out those sweet little elephants in that new Jade Scott charm!
Jade, you've outdone yourself yet again.


  1. This is gorgeous! Love that purple!!!

  2. Very nice piece Lorelei!

  3. Gorgeous purple Lorelei, and a lovely piece.

  4. Wow, copper and purple look great together. I also love the coral bracelet, great use of fiber.

  5. Love, love, love this piece.

  6. Good for you getting THE project done! How'd ya do it?? The new bracelelt is so pretty and so perfecly you! :-)

  7. I love the mix of purles/lavender/lilacs with copper and this is no exception. Very pretty bracelet!


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