Some gifts.

Hoping someone isn't reading this blog or I'm ruining her surprise!!

Lisa Peters sent me these copper components to put something together
for her Mom for Christmas. I created this 3 strand bracelet with large
connector focal. The flower that sits on top, was separate and I wired
it on with copper wire.

This last necklace was made for Nancy.
I found this cool pendant at Lynn Davis' shop, ExpeditionD. It
screamed Nancy, because she's got the cutest bunnies ever.
I bought it with the intention of just giving her the pendant to put into her own
jewelry but with how busy she's been lately, I thought it would be better to
put it into something that she could wear right away. She received it already
so I'm not ruining her surprise. I hope she loves it!

Update: okay so- Yesterday I was completely convinced I was pregnant. I even went to the drug store and took the test at work. I did the thing, and waited. and waited. and waited. The little timer on the digital test, blinking and blinking and blinking at me in the stall. Then: NOT PREGNANT. Might as well have been blinking and bright red, with a fog horn attached.
I'm not pregnant. Pretty disappointed (*really disappointed) but I suppose we'll try and try again next month. I am thinking about getting acupuncture done. I've heard some good things about it and figured it would be worth a shot, before I start getting into the whole Clomid thing. I'm sure that the stress of the holiday season didn't help matters much and my Mom thinks I need to calm the F down and relax. I think she's right. So maybe acupuncture. and maybe YOGA. and maybe the book club that I am joining will help. I am participating in a virtual book club with Nancy at Round Rabbit. She's hosting. We are reading The House at Riverton, by Kate Morton. You should go over and check it out, we won't start til January so there is still lots of time to get the book. I am looking forward to being able to get through a novel all the way to the end. I haven't finished a book in ages.


  1. Hang in there & I'm here for you anytime:)

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel! It took my husband and I 3 years to get our son this year but it was worth the wait! He is such a blessing! You know what did it???? A VACATION!!! a vacation from everything. We weren't even trying; after going to the fertility doctor and being diagnosed with unexplained infertility (what IS that???!!!!) we gave up. I needed a break after 2 years of the emotional rollercoaster. so we were taking the summer off before we started using the fertility drugs. we went on vacation and BAM!! just like that!

    So relax (i know it's hard to do)it WILL happen!!! Merry Christmas to you!

  3. I wish I was on your Christmas list.

  4. LOVE that rabbit necklace!

    I'm sorry about what you are going through dear. I know in my heart that one of these days I am going to see your good news announced on your blog!!!

  5. I looooove my bunny necklace! Thank you thank you thank you!!

    Thanks for mentioning the book club! Reading this book will do wonders, I am sure. You will be so immersed in the story, you will forget all your troubles, you will be fighting Joe off (no, not now, I have to finish this chapter!) and before you know it... it's baby time!

  6. Lorelei, I am really sorry. I know it will happen, relax, take your time and enjoy each other. Once you get one there is no going back!! Believe me I know, not that I don't enjoy them, it is just a lot of work. I will pray for you.

    Merry Christmas my friend


  7. Love all the gifts - especially the rabbit necklace.

    Yea relax is the best advice - my best friend tried and tried - no luck - we lost our jobs and our health insurance and guess what - baby on the way.

  8. beautiful and thoughtful gifts Lorelei.

    Sending good thoughts your way. Enjoy the holiday and nurture your soul.

  9. Lorelei-
    Be still and know that there is a purpose for all of this. Don't know what it is, but it will reveal itself. And I was so wishing that for you for Christmas. But I will keep my wishing hat on for you and Joe.

    You are always so thoughtful. Such beauty from such a talented one.

    I would love to do that book club. I am considering it, but it always seems I have the best intentions and then cannot keep up. I would hate to let everyone in the group down. But I will see if I can jump in because it sounds good.

    I am reading Jewels: A Secret History along with Beth at Hint now. Really fascinating stuff.

    Enjoy the day, my friend!

  10. Relax. It's like a couple of my mom's friends ... They adopted and then they were relaxed about the issue and wound up having their own. Vacation from everything on Christmas day. It will happen. Just read the book "The Help". Anyone else read it? So awesome.

  11. Here's hoping 2010 will bring you and Joe a baby. :o)

  12. woooooooow!! Leslie!! love the vintage 3 strands bracelet!!!!!bravo

  13. Lorelei, I was so happy to be part of making the little bunny necklace, and keeping your secret for the gift, I'm busting with pride to see how it turned out! Two of my favorite people, it's such a pleasure.

    I'm keeping you in my thoughts more than usual as you consider your life changes. Gigantic hugs!

  14. Here's wishing you become a Mom in 2010. Your body is telling you that a vacation is what you and Joe need. I checked out the book club link and I love a challenge and might ask to join. I enjoy your blog posts and love your jewelry style, and I would like to add your blog to my blog roll, would you mind? Best wishes for 2010.

  15. Hi Regina!
    I hope you do decide to read the book with us.
    And yes, feel free to add my blog to your blog roll, thanks for asking. And thanks for reading!!


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