Successful Open House

One more major event down! And a success it was! Nice day, snowed lightly all day. We enjoyed a fire in the fireplace, and the snacks were a hit. I tried a suggested recipe from a blog commenter- Baguette with Gouda, Sun dried Tomato and Artichoke filling. MAN WAS IT GOOD! And everyone begged me for the recipe! I also served 4 kinds of wine, only one of which was cracked open and most of it was consumed by me after the show was over! hee hee!
I made a Choc. Chip Zuchini bread, and did the whole cheese, pepperoni and crackers thing, with some large black olives to munch on. Had soda and coffee too. People weren't really into snacking or drinking... just shopping! OKAY!
It seemed a bit busier last year. This year I only had about 16 people show up. Not too bad. But there were quite few people that couldn't come over. I'm not complaining though- it was a good turnout. And I did a lot of the tasks myself without a helper so I was thankful for a small group. Less overwhelming. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

Again, sorry for no pics with people but once a few people start showing up, I'm a busy bee flitting around the room and there is no time for pics. But at least you can see in these pics, the set up and the room decorations. It really came out nice.
Next on the agenda, buying and setting up the Christmas tree, which is happening today.


  1. The jewelry displays look great! And the appetizers sound yummy. Buying and setting up a Christmas tree is on my 'To Do' list too! Lets see which one of us can get it set up first! You would probably win though..I am still on the couch drinking coffee! LOL! ;-)

  2. Lorelei - your displays look wonderful and the house looked great too. I am glad you had a good day especially with the snow. Jewelry looks great with breathing room - I just did a craft show and had a small table and everything was so crowded - no good.

    Have fun buying the Christmas tree!!! Maybe I will do some decorating too - you have gotten me into the mood.

  3. Great job Lorelei. I am shooting for next year to have an open house at my house. This year I am participating at an open house at my friend Lucinda's, it will be a good chance to get my feet wet. Thanks for all the tips.

  4. Looks lovely. Wish I could have come. Just a bit far when the weather is uncertain. Hopefully next year. Glad it turned out well. It is a lot of work but fun once it gets started, right?

  5. I am so glad things went well for you :) I was thinking about you all week. I can't wait to see what you come up with next



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