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I made this last night. It's a bracelet that I made on request from my Mom -wants to use it in the family Christmas Day Swap that they have. I love the colors. And I think it will hopefully suit any age. And it's stretchy. So no need to really size it. See that cool key? One of my new favorite things.I wrote a post that should be published soon, over at the Art Bead Scene, introducing you to Pork Chop Show. A cool Etsy shop that I recently discovered.

I am trying to catch you up on a few posts today so that I don't feel so far behind! I know it's just the time of year but man, when the ol' day job starts getting in the way of what I want to do in the studio- we have a serious backlog of information. I actually got an email from a friend today wondering if I was doing okay since I've been so absent on my blog! whew. Doing good, just still trying to catch up!

Things to look forward to:

*another Ceramic pendant giveaway from The Classic Bead!

* a review and a really awesome giveaway- sponsor is AllModern.com- soooo cool, you won't want to miss it. There may or may not be owls involved. :)

*Another Book giveaway from the folks at Lark Books!

*some bead porn, cuz all I've been doing is buying beads on Etsy since my horribly failed attempt at the bead diet. And yes, I bought myself a toy anyway, even though I didn't pass that test. I know. So LAME.

*Announcement of the winner for the $25 Gift Certificate from Artbeads.com, on Friday Dec. 18! There is still time to enter! CLICK HERE!

That's about it for now, til I can think of something else that I know I'm forgetting.

SO STAY TUNED!! Lots of fun coming your way sooooooon!


  1. I love that blue bracelet! Blue is such a calming color for me.

  2. You weren't the only one who slid off the Bead Diet, my dear...and as with any real diet when you cheat you cheat BIG (or at least that is what happened in my case!) And it doesn't help that I was doing all this buying as I was moving and have since misplaced some packages or am not sure where they were forwarded to...ack!
    Keep on plugging away, my friend!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Diet Schmiet. We did pretty well there for a while. Uh...of course we've kinda made up for it since then LOL! Love the new bracelet. That blue is my absolute FAVORITE color ever!

  4. Diets only make you crabby. I love that blue bracelet. I REALLY love those faceted blue turquoise beads!!!

  5. I too, love those faceted blue turquoise beads. Sort of like colorful mini golf balls...

  6. Diet, schmiet (or something like that). What fun would we have if we starved ourselves from beads!

    That bracelet is beautiful--love the colors. And thanks for the link to that sweet site with the wooden keys!

  7. Super cute and would perfect with a white tee and blue jeans!


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