Additions to my ever growing library

Have I mentioned that I looooove crafting and beading books?? I pore over them again and again and again. It's really nice to have a large selection on hand if I'm lacking in the inspiration department. I just ordered these 3 new books this week. I'm excited to get them. They are different than books I normally pick out but I am hopeful that I will be inspired to maybe try something new.
I'll let you know how they are once I get my hands on em.


  1. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with no filters when it comes to beading books! I don't have the first two, but I have had the Metal Craft Discovery Workshop for quite awhile and I am fascinated by it. I bought it before I ever worked with metals and now that I am using them, I really need to get this out and play. Or set aside a day to play. I have always wanted to change the patina on metals and this book has so many options. I really want to try the potato chip experiment!
    Enjoy the day, Lorelei!

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  3. I've got Bent Bound and Stitched.. it's great! Very inspiring!

  4. You know having books and publications is such a must a necessity can help inspire and get the Juices going. Good blog Lorelei Ill have to check these books out! xo


  5. Looks like you have lots of fun reading to do!

  6. I also recommend:

    1,000 Jewelry Inspirations: Beads, Baubles, Dangles, and Chains (1000 Series)by Sandra Salamony

    Beautifully laid out with wonderful photos

  7. I'm an addict, too. :) Plus, now Amazon recommends new books to me all the time and I just can't resist!! Perusing pages of pretty project pictures is almost as good as digging through my own bead drawers. :)

  8. Oh they look really great!

  9. Dang add me to the list of Crafting and Beading books addicts. I just spent a whole two hours and 3 books richer(or rather poorer)last weekend
    at Barnes and Noble.


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