Attic Full of Butterflies


I am envisioning myself digging through a trunk of treasures
in the attic. The keyhole is reminiscent of traditional
East lake design, and I could see it on either the trunk itself or the attic door.
I wanted to give this piece a romantic feel and chose some of the new
Blue opal faceted nuggets that I received recently.
The colors play well with the color in the wooden butterfly.
I added a small vintage boot button and faceted Amethyst brio.
And of course anything from Vintaj adds to the unique and vintage
look of this bracelet. I could add this chain to anything and it looks like
it was unearthed from someone's heirloom collection.
This beauty is now available in my shop.


  1. So pretty! I love the keyhole...reminds me that in my old house I have a collection of Eastlake keyholes that I have bought up on eBay and antique stores. Such a great design. Thanks for sharing your inspiration Lorelei! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. This is really pretty. I love the keyhole. The colors here are wonderful - they remind me of a soft spring rain!!! Ah soon, very soon:)

  3. Ach Aye it looks like the keyhole to my house in Scotland! lol
    Sooo pretty!

  4. Love it! Such a gorgeous color combo. Oddly enough, just before I got on the computer I was thinking of making something with purple/blue/butterflies for my little sister's birthday. A lovely and inspiring piece.

  5. I love it!! If you are willing to share,I would love to know where you got those pieces!! If not, then the mystery remains...

    Marie :)

  6. This is SUCH a beautiful necklace! I always love your pieces :) I wish the butterflies were still available on Etsy :(

  7. This is a lovely design.

  8. thanks Callie,
    actually it's a bracelet.

  9. Mel Mel1/20/2010

    Oh you did it again. Soooooo pretty! Now stop it!!! LOL Mel

  10. That name is perfect.

  11. That keyhole piece is fantastic and your pairing with beads and chains is just perfect. I love Eastlake design.

  12. Lorelei,
    Your work is just stunning! Every time I see it it makes me feel happy inside. You can see the love you put into each piece.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. She's a beauty! Lovely work!

  14. Lovely bracelet and what a perfect title! Such a warm, dreamy, reminiscent piece

  15. beautifulllllllll!! what a perfect clasp!!!


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