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I admit it, I am a total blog junkie. I read them all day. I am constantly checking to see updated posts on all my favorited blogs. I love being in the know. I love being caught up on everyone's lives every day. The more one posts, the more I like it. I thought I'd share a few of my new favorites so you can follow them too.
Shannon Levart writes this blog and is the founder of MissFickleMedia.
She is so very talented and I enjoy reading about her jewelry and techniques.

GBKORU is written by Gunilla B├Ąck
Espoo, who lives in Finland. I enjoy her photography on her blog,
it makes me want to travel to Finland someday.

I learned about Kate McKinnon through Andrew Thornton,
and have been keeping up on her daily blog since I bought some of her
cool components in one of her Soul Clearing sales. Kate is a master
at working with metal clay.

Laura writes this blog Wren Handmade.
I am totally in love with her sweet necklaces that she
crochets. I want one so baaaad. Her blog is great too, it's
so pretty!

If you haven't checked out The Noisy Plume yet, I
beg you to start today. And read it from the beginning.
I've never come across a blog more interesting, or visually appealing, and
she is such a
talented jewelry designer. This chic ROCKS!

I recently started following Fleur Fatale because
I've seen her jewelry on Etsy a lot and it's gorgeous.
Her blog is just as cool and I love her photography of her jewelry.

I found Liane's Etsy shop featured on one of the Etsy videos.
I started reading her Enhabiten blog minutes later and can't get enough.
Liane is a talented seamstress, and creates handmade goods for the home.
She also blogs several times a day which is cool for me because
I love reading stuff like this on the internet and she's always
introducing me to something "new" and "fun".
Plus she has a killer sense of humor, which I adore as well.


  1. Very good Blogs!
    GBKORU her photography captures a lovely world! Reminds me of Tarves Scotland where my husbands house is! ox

  2. I love reading blogs all day long too! It's an addiction!

  3. Thanks for sharing those blogs Lorelei, I am going to check them out!
    Have a great day.

  4. From one blog-addict to another...I thank you for sharing these blogs with us! Gotta go read 'em...Enjoy your day!

  5. Great list! Thanks for sharing. Some of them I was familiar with and others are new to me. I'm excited to go back through the archives when I've got an extra minute or two... looks like I won't be sleeping tonight.

  6. Thanks!
    Yup - Kate McK is the best PMC teacher. Took her classes 4 yrs ago and am sooo thankful. If you ever want to r.e.a.l.l.y learn metal clay, take her classes, get her books.

  7. Thanks for sharing such fantastic blogs! I took a quick trip through all of them and I think I'm hooked!

  8. Thanks for sharing Lorelei!

  9. Thanks a lot, like if I didn't have enough to read already (wink, wink). Oh dear I'm sure I'll get served those divorce papers, way too much time on the PC, help I'm so addicted.

  10. Thanks for the links!! I will have to check them out!!


  11. I have almost 40 bead related blog sites that I regularly visit, and try to comment on often. It IS an addiction - I have to make myself stop and go bead! Thanks for the new site links, too - I'm sure I'll have over 40 blog sites to hit now!

  12. Thanks SO SO SO much for the mention, sugar plum.

  13. Lorelei, those blogs look so interesting. I think I'll check them out! Thanks for the link!

  14. Thanks for the Blog Links. I've added some to my list. Really Cool!
    Bead Happy!

  15. Lorelei, thank you for the mention, and for your lovely comment left on my own site.

    I adore blogs just like you do, and can't wait to check out some of your favorites!


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