Gardanne Glass Heart Necklace Tutorial

Last week, Anne posted a bit of a giveaway for a Free Beads/Tutorial opportunity and I put my name in the hat.

I'm the big weener.

So Anne sent the beads my way and last night, I let my fingers do the talking and came up with this unique seed bead/wire wrapped necklace design.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

1. Cut a piece of 22g brass wire, to 3 inches long. Create a simple loop at one end using round nose pliers. String the Heart focal. String 1 small 3mm wood round. Form a wrapped loop with the remaining wire.

2. Attach the focal to a large 15mm split Brass jump ring.

3. Cut 2 pieces of size .12 beading wire into 10 inch pieces. String onto one wire 120 bronze seed beads. Thread the beaded wire through the 15mm jump ring. Bring the ends together. Thread 2 7mm jump rings onto the two ends. String 1 crimp bead. String the ends onto 1 4mm jump ring. Thread the 2 ends back through the crimp bead and crimp tightly using crimping pliers.
Repeat step 3 with the other wire.

4. Cut 2 pieces of 22g brass wire into 3 inch sections. Form a wrapped loop, attaching the loop to one of the 4mm jump rings on the seed beaded section. String 1 Turquoise oval. Form a wrapped loop. Repeat this step for the other side.

5. Cut 6 pieces of 22g wire and string 4 amber colored glass beads, and 2 cream glass beads. Using small 3 link sections of brass cable chain, attach the chain to each beaded wrapped loop, creating a chain.

6. On the final link, attach a 4mm jump ring and a lobster clasp.


1 Lamp work Heart focal from Gardanne Glass
4 Amber lamp work beads and 3 cream and amber spacers from Gardanne Glass
240 amber color glass seed beads
2 Horse Eye shaped 19 x 12mm African Turquoise beads
1 Brass 15mm jump ring
4 Brass 7mm jump rings
3 Brass 4mm jump rings
27-28 inches of Brass 22 g wire
15 links of brass cable chain
1 Brass lobster clasp

Brass findings, chain and clasp from Vintaj Brass Co.

Brass wire from Patina Queen
Turquoise from Lima Beads
Seed Beads- Blue Moon Beads


  1. I really love these heart focals that Anne has made. This one looks like stone wrapped in glass. The seed bead wire wrapping combo is fantastic. And is this 3 posts for you in one day? What energy.

  2. Very unique!! It's fantastic! That focal is stunning! I love the wire wrapped top with the lampwork beads.


  3. Congrats on the win, Lorelei! Really fabulous tutorial. I love the seed bead treatment. Very different. Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Congratulations, and thank you for the tutorial.

  5. Congratulations on your win. The necklace is an inspiration and the tute clear and easy to follow.
    I particularly like how the seed bead strands mimic the lines across the pendant

  6. This is terrific Lorelei! I absolutely love how you incorporated the turquoise into this design:) It really brings out the earthiness in this fabulous bead. Kudos!!

  7. Lorelei your design is perfect for the style of that focal. The tutorial is easy to follow and I love how you used the seed beads in the front. I also like the attention to detail in the back of the necklace.

  8. Yeah for winning!
    That is just the coolest thing, how you doubled up those strands of seed beads and lassoed them with jumps.

  9. Love the combination of all the different techniques used and the asymmetry of the clasp. Also like the use of the rings around the seed beads. Inspiring.


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