Holy Mackerel.


A few new pieces from my beading session last night. This top bracelet is one of
my favorites. I've been holding out using this lovely teal ceramic lentil from
LeAnn, at Summers Studio. I finally thought up a design
that would showcase the bead, and highlight it.
It's the focal for sure. I paired it with Vintaj Brass, and cool
chain from Michaels. The design was inspired by the Design
Gallery at Vintaj Brass Co.


This next bracelet is one to be reckoned with as well.
It speaks its mind, with it's color, and fun shapes, and dangles.
The horse eye shaped Turquoise beads are my new favorite thing.
I added Swarovski Crystals, and glass coins. And a sweet
little Elephant charm from Jade Scott. Yep, this one
won't last long in the shop, that's my feeling.


  1. They are really nice always you are Inventive! The Michaels chain yummy!
    The horse eye descriptions wonderful!
    I too think the bottom one esp will go quick. Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. The top one is my favorite as well. I have been hoarding one of LeAnn's lentils, they are beautiful.

  3. Lorelei, I love what you did with that lentil. The large plain ring and the ornate clasp are just perfect compliments. Thank you for making the lentil look so good!

  4. Really awesome! I love that lentil, and the colors in the second one are great -- diverse without being overpowering.

  5. Ooo yummy, I love the top bracelet. You do such fine magic.

  6. Hi Lorelei! I love the bracelets!! They rae both amazing :) You will have to see what I made with one of LeAnn's large Lentil beads in the July Bead Trends ;)



  7. I love LeAnn's lentil! You mixed colors really well in the second bracelet - you are so good at that!

  8. I'm still holding on to my lentils from LeAnn as well. Love what you did with yours to highlight it! And the colors in the second bracelet - yummsville!

  9. These are gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful! I love the blue in the first one. And that elephant charm in the second one really is darling.

  11. A beaut! Love the colors you choose :)

  12. Gorgeous! I love that chain in the first one.


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