I hate you Google.

Look what you made me do?

I hate you Google. (Google is in charge of the Picasaweb/Blogger snafu that just happened)

Sometimes this is all it takes to pick a girl back up though.


  1. Mel Mel1/15/2010

    Oh L. I'm so sorry that you had to eat that evil cupcake. Pretty but evil!! (like your Picasaweb.) I hope all will be corrected soon!! Meanwhile back away from the rest of the baked goods!!! We love ya L. hang in there.

  2. cupcakes can help ills!

  3. I hope that was chocolate. Or maybe carrot cake? Sorry about your Picasa woes. That sure is hinky.

  4. Cupcakes are good and they can be numbered in the legions of friends!

  5. Ummm...Where does a girl get a cupcake like that? We don't have cupcakes like that around here! Well, if we do it's probably a good thing that I don't find them. When I visit you we are getting a cupcake cus that looks soooo good! :)

  6. When I began blogging the same happened to me!!!

  7. cupcakes and yummy sweets work wonders - so does wine!

    Sorry :-(


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