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I am totally inspired by Dawn Estrin's work. I found her on, and everything she creates is pure magic. I especially love these owl earrings. Feel free to buy them for me here. ;)

Tonight when I get home from work, my beautiful baby sister and her boyfriend should be arriving for a little weekend visit. I am glad that they will be spending a few days, as I haven't had much time with my sister in quite a while. Tomorrow, we'll probably head out and do a little fun antiquing (her request!) and then just relax at home. Knowing her, she'll probably try to convince me to make her something with buttons, since it's all I have heard about, is how she totally is in love with that recent button bracelet I created. ;)

Be sure to check in at the Art Bead Scene tomorrow! I am hosting for Studio Saturday, and it's my first time! Pretty excited and I know you won't want to miss it.

I am hoping to get started on my Bead Soup piece this weekend, with Maria's beads she sent me. I have a few ideas brewing but don't forget, the reveal date is coming fast, on February 10th, that is when all of the participants post on their blogs the outcome of the bead swap! Take a peek at some of the beads people have been getting at the bead soup flickr group.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Artful Home is one of my favorites - I could easily take one of everything!

  2. Thanks for sharing something new. I have never heard of Artful home and those earrings seem to be made for you. It would be a shame to see someone else buying them ;-)
    I can't wait to see your Studio post. Congratulations!!!
    Enjoy the day -- and the weekend with your sister!

  3. those little owls were made for you. i love The Guild's Artful Home...lots of "to die for" contemporary crafts..

  4. These are perfect earrings for your owl addiction. Wow, they are really cool looking around those curtains. Love them!


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