a new work in progress

I'm a bloginista, baby.

I know I know. i had a website. www.loreleieurto.com
but i hated it.
I didn't like the program, and didn't like the options for layouts and colors.
and that annoying sound it makes. I didn't like anything about it.

what i want is something that is free.
something that is easy to view. and not busy. without sound.
i want a website where i can chronicle past work.
a place where people can eventually buy stuff when someday i decide to break up with etsy.
a place where I can link people to the blog.

pretty options for layout and background colors.
the option to change this every two weeks when I get bored of it.

what i want is a website where i can have a photo gallery of past work.
and also a place where i can show which pieces have been published, all organized by magazine.

i think i found it.
i worked on this all day yesterday. it's still a work in progress. I will be adding to it little by little.
I have to find all my images, they are saved on cds and not labeled very well. but it will be so worth it. seriously.
until i run out of space and have to upgrade to a premium account. but hopefully that won't happen for a while.


  1. Love the new site Lorelei, very easy to see what you want. Just saw your pieces in in Stringing, I think it is time you had your own book.

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  3. It does look very good, I recently stumbled across this site Storenvy and last night I finally opened my store there, here is my store link: http://kellascreativewishes.storenvy.com/
    but yours look like another good free place to set up as well.

    Good luck with the new venture.

  4. Thanks, Lorelei! I am actually looking for those EXACT same qualities in a website - and will be checking it out as soon as I'm done blogging! Good luck with yours - I'll send you a link to mine if it works out for me.

  5. I will go check it out! I have been thinking the same thing of late. I am paying too much for not much of anything. I am looking at some gallery sites for artists because I just want it to be a calling card of sorts. Mine is too cumbersome. I just want a gallery space.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration! You are a bloginista, baby!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. WoooHooo, way cool! You go girl! I've been seeing your work all over the place. What a great idea to have all your published pieces catagorized by publication.


  7. I like it. It's very "you."

  8. I always say, K.I.S.S.!
    And 'free' makes it even sweeter.
    Will definitely check this place out. Thanks!

  9. Nice one Ms Blognista - the new website looks good. And I agree with Anne of Gardanne - a book of your work would be a big seller !!

  10. Anonymous1/09/2010

    (high five)

  11. Looks great! And, I'm in the Lorelei fanclub...you should definitely work on a book!!! :) You're a role model not just for your out-of-the-box designs, but also for growing as a bizgirl too.

  12. Yay! This is great! Thanks, L!

  13. Very nice!

    I love my blog. I'm having my web site redesigned, and they want me to move my blog to a blog on my web site and I just -- did. not. want.


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