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TGIF! I hope you enjoy this Friday's music video. Been listening to a lot of Talking Heads in the Studio lately. I can't get enough. Watching this video makes me want to be a rock band.
Going to my parents this weekend finally to celebrate our Christmas with them. I hope the weather is decent for our 2.5 hour ride down there. I am looking forward to seeing them both. And to finally give my mom that bag of Lindt chocolate truffles that I am pretty sure are melted into a big fat mess by now!
I'm hoping to have a better day today than I had yesterday. It was one of those days where nothing, i mean NOTHING, went my way. And then to find out that my work is yet again being copied almost bead for bead, really put a damper on my entire day. I was in a funk but I am slowly lifting out of it and am hoping to get back into the studio on Sunday to bead my a** off.
I'm also noticing that the after-christmas slump is hitting me hard. I'm hoping it picks up soon.
For blog readers only, I'm offering a 30% coupon code for any one thing purchased in my shop today and this weekend. Put the code : PSYCHO KILLER in the notes to seller and I'll send you a revised invoice. :)

Update: I will be away for the day today (saturday!) visiting my parents I will return this evening and send revised invoices then. if there are any. i hope there are some. 30% is such a great deal and doesn't come along often. take advantage!!


  1. There is lots of Talking Heads love here too. This song is on Rock Band for the Wii and my kids play it all the time!! So it *is* just like you are in a Rock Band!!

    Sorry to hear about your crappy day. I had it too. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a virus and start spreading around to everyone.

  2. to talk about the talking heads might really date me... but i do love them! leave the bummer day of yesterday behind, and have a wonderful visit with your parents...

  3. I hope you have a great weekend and finally get some work done :)
    How did you find out someone copied your work? and where? Sorry I am a curious creature. I don't understand why anyone would do that.



  4. That blows to have someone copying your work bead for bead. How uncreative but really stealing. It
    just shows your talent tho. Today will be a better has to be! xx

  5. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE Talking Heads!!! Yay! Happy Friday!

  6. I wouldn't let it get you down that there are copycats. Just use it as a prompt to make more, invent more, and really just be the best you can be. It still stings, but whips sting when they hit.

    (The absolute worst experience I had with it was when I saw one of my pieces as the winner of a national design competition. When I saw how much money they won with my hard work, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I almost passed out. The only difference between our pieces was that they included one of their tags on it.)

  7. L - Hope you had a better day.

    I can see where this copying business can really get you down ~ don't let it.
    I saw a new book at Borders yesterday by an English designer and I swear I thought it was your work!! I don't how much is intentional 'copying' or just that some people really have similar styles. (Although, bead for bead, is going a little too far, I admit. And poor Andrew ~ I can't even imagine how I would have felt.)
    I've only been published once, yet I've seen others' work that sure look like they've copied me!

    It's a vicious circle - in the end, people know who the REAL designer is.

    Go have a good weekend!!

  8. Me again - Just want to let know that my bracelet arrived. I'm wearing - loving it - thank you!!

  9. Mel Mel1/08/2010

    What do you do if someone copies your work? Isn't there a way to protect your work from copy cats? It is so sad that someone has so little imagination of their own. Sandi M. which bracelet did you buy? Just wondering, it will surely bring you lots of compliments.

  10. Lorelei, it has happened to all of us at some point. I once saw my work on someones blog claiming it was her own work and selling it on her website.
    When I asked her about it she did admitted it, but said to me "prove it" It was my word against hers. B****!
    Over the holiday it was brought to my attention yet another copycat. This person removed it immediately off her site.
    You have to blow it off or it will eat away at you. There is no way to protect ourselves from this even if we patent it.

    Have a safe trip and a great visit with the fam damily.

  11. Love Talking Heads, Hate Copycats
    Have a great "Christmas" weekend!

  12. Try not to let it get to you - if some sad brat is copying I am sure that their quality would be nowhere near as high as your beautiful pieces Lorelei - I adore my 2 pieces that I bought last year from you (geisha bracelet and Bohemian love necklace), as the appeal is that they embody your style, and are "Lorelei originals".

    Have a good weekend. Vicki

  13. I totally skipped over the key sentence! Yikes! WTF! I'm totally horrified for you about your intellectual property theft. I guess I was so excited and temporarily blinded by the awesomeness of Talking Heads! Horrified! Have fun making more beauty!

  14. Mel Mel - it was the snowflake bracelet.

    L - have you ever thought of creating a 'tag' for your pieces? I tag most of mine. Of course, a copycat could do that too, but doubt they'd have the nerve to tag with YOUR name!

  15. Mel Mel1/11/2010

    Sandi M. Oooooo nice one!!! I even asked Lorelei about that piece, but alas it was gone. U Lucky girl.
    I would love to see a tag especially designed for Lorelei, what a great idea!!!! I love Lorelei jewelry so much I think I would wear the tag as a pendant. LOL!
    Are you the same Sandi I've commented with before about bead pen pals?

  16. It's funny you mention the tags! I am actually having my own tags made now, but by whom is a secret. I'll let you know when they are done and yes, they have an owl on them. :)

  17. Take this as a huge compliment! You are an up and coming designer with published work and people learn from your tutorials, design ideas, and editorial comments about making fun jewelry, Artisan jewelry, jewelry that no one else will have, it is special to have something handmade and not mass produced! I for one enjoy how well you put colors together like no one else can! Take this as a cue, and run with it, Laura


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