very very upset

this stinks.

i just ruined half of my blog.

somehow by deleting pictures from my Picasa web albums, it erased those images from my blog entirely. How the two were directly related, I have no idea. I would never have thought they were tied together.
The images were saved on my computer, then burned to discs, and it automatically saved them all to Picasa Web. Now the images are no longer on my computer, and were in picasaweb and I deleted them and now are not viewable on my blog.

that's just great.



  1. Hope this helps Lorelei, you were just picked to receive some of my beads for my recent Totally Tutorials giveaway.

  2. hugs. I hate it when unexpected things like this toy with my blog :(

  3. Oh! Deep breath! Just breathe. Go get a cup of coffee. Curse like a sailor for 10 minutes. Bad Picasaweb! BAD! XO

  4. Picasa Web Albums are where Google aka Blogger stores your images online. So that's the connection. It's all so convoluted and when something like that happens it's incredibly frustrating. When I took down my old blog I also had to go into Picasa and remove all of the images.

    I hope you somehow find a pathway to the images, Google never really seems to delete anything. Maybe you can contact them...just a thought.

    Good luck,

  5. Wait! I see pictures? Any chance this is a small glitch just on your end?

  6. Oh No! Big sigh.
    Maybe you can make this right again with time...that hurts! ox

  7. Oh Honey, I'm so sorry!! I hope you find a way to fix it. I hate it when stuff like that happens.



  8. That sucks Lorelei! I had no idea that something like that could happen. I hope that you can recovere them somehow. Know that we are all thinking of you and wishing you sunnier thoughts.
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. Congrats on the Totally Tutorials! I love those beads, and can't wait to see what you do with them!

  9. I still see a bunch of pictures so I hope you figured it out or it was just a weird temporary glitch!
    all the best either way!

  10. :( truly sorry for you, hope you'll fix it soon.

  11. OH Nooo. I am so sorry and also hope that you can find an answer to bring them back.

  12. You may see pics on the first page of posts, but if you go back into older posts, you'll see lots of images missing. I tried to "clean up" the picasa web albums and deleted many images that were taken from other places on the web. Most of my jewelry pics are still here. Lesson learned- try to upload internet pics using URLs instead of saving them and attaching them to the posts in the future.

  13. When I began blogging the same happened to me!!!

  14. I lost my whole blog background one time! It was ridiculous! Just be thankful that you're a master of graphics...I had to actually go learn some sort of html to fix my problem! :) Jen

  15. I didn't realize it either until just the other day when I was browsing my blog options. Thanks for the tip that this might be an issue.

  16. Something similar just happened to me right before Christmas - pics started loading on my Ipod and then when the hubby went to delete them it deleted them from my hard drive and didn't dump them into the recycle bin because there's a glitch w/vista and dual users on a computer. We had to get a recovery disk and I'm still retrieving and sorting through almost 8500 pics - both jewelry/business and family. Back up every week now!! But the blog thing really sucks! Especially since you always have such great pics and info on here!
    Hope it gets better,

  17. You're in good company -- I've deleted my entire web site before, back when I did it all in FrontPage. I truly sickening feeling.

  18. Lorelei, if you change and point to uploads instead of saving on Picassa, someone else has control of the image (unless it's your FLICKR account or something, of course) so you may just want to continue uploading to Picassa. If you need info on how to get to your Picassa account email me - I sometimes store things up there (family stuff) and may be able to help you with this. Sorry that happened! What I learned the hard way was that deleting from Picassa when cleaning up was not the way - I should go in through Blogger and then it will ask you "Do You Want to Delete the Photo" and you can decide.

    Let me know if I can help!


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