video tour, don't laugh too hard.

i know, it's a mess.
what do you want!
I spend more time beading that I do
organizing or picking up after myself...and
hey, i've seen YOUR studios,
yours aren't much better.

but someone asked me recently to show
my studio and how I keep my beads,
so I thought I'd just do a little vlog here.

don't laugh.
i like to wear my north face hat.
it keeps me warm.
and joe picks on me everytime i wear it.
i think sometimes i wear it just to hear him

anyway, that big pile of Green Girl Studios
at the end of the video, is part of a wholesale
order I just placed.
i like to lay them out like that once in a while and
fondle them.
then i put them all back in the baggie until the next time.

i know, it's weird.
i'm weird.
and a slob.
and i like to wear a hat.

now you know a little bit more about me ...



  1. I promise I am not laughing at you, but with you.
    My studio looks fairly similar (with less organized stash) down to the aluminum can on the beading table.
    I love, love, love that little drawer thing you have with all your lampwork. Looks like a king's ransom in beads, dear!
    And Joe shouldn't look cute in that hat!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I like the peek into the studio of Lorelei! If I knew how to videotape and had the means I would show you a glimpse of mine...and the plans for greatness coming!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh Lorelei youve got a Stash fit for a Kings Ransom!! But then you are a Queen in your own right! That is a really nice room! Ill have to take some pic of mine but mine is the kitchen table (atleast its a pretty table!) and boxes hauled in. Gotta bead familys all moved in and took "My Room"! That was really Nice!

  3. Thanks for the studio tour. I like the hat - how cute :) Did not laugh, promise ! What a wonderful way of laying all your goodies out, and those drawers have been put to great use. My work studio is a lot more minimal, as Max the cat like to get his snout into everything. Thanks again.

  4. Oh what a cool stash-I am soooo drooling right know. Mr.P&P is sleeping so I couldn't play the audio-so I'll have to tour again in the A.M. That wooden chest with the speciman type drawers is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing and for the record, wearing the hat sounds like a good idea-have to try that:)

  5. Thanks so much for the tour. Your bead stash has really grown in a very short time. If you know where everything is, then that's all that matters, right?

  6. Well I think your studio is very tidy and I love those wooden drawers. Some people look good in hats and some don't but you really look very cute in one. I dream of a whole room to myself instead of a minuscule corner of the family room. (plus I wouldn't mind a quarter of your bead stash too!). LOL

  7. I love the fact that you have a lot of your beads out. I have mine the same way and it helps to make some odd-ball combinations that you wouldn't normally have thought would look nice together.

  8. your studio is awesome! i love your wood type press drawers, what a find!!

  9. What an amazing collection of beads...what a great place to be inspired. Is that The Cure I hear playing? :-)

  10. Thanks!! That was fast! I was so glad to get to see a piece of your world :) The first thing I noticed too was the Antique Apothecary drawers. I wish I could find things like that around here! But since we live in the old west, not much of that going around. I love that you have enough space to lay out your beads. I wish I could do that. I am working on a better way to organize myself, we will see if it comes to frution :)

    Have a great day!!


  11. Oh my studio is much more untidy than yours. Wait we're not in an untidy competition are we? Love the hat. I think it is sort of sweet.

  12. Josh was sitting right next to me, when I played your video. He had to chuckle at the "my husband never puts his clothes away" part! Because he knows it's true and he is the same way! :) You are so cute in your hat and you sure do have a lot of beads, Missy!

  13. Thanks for sharing your studio, Lorelei! At least you have a studio! I'm just jealous of that! I am working on taking over part of the unfinished basement at the moment, lol. And I think the hat is cute! Girl, you sure do have a lot of beads! Which can only mean you will make more of you little lovelies =) Your blog is so neat! I love reading it everyday! Thanks for letting us into your life!


  14. OMG! I am laughing so hard! And I KNOW you put that Green Girl shot in there just to torment me!

  15. Mel Mel1/22/2010

    It is so cool to see the studio where my fabulous jewelry purchases were created.
    It's also cool hearing your voice and knowing that all of these items have been touched by your artistic hands. Maybe even touched by Joe too, that is if he's allowed in the studio of course.

  16. Great video Lorelei! I always love seeing other artists workspaces:) I too have to rave about the wooden chest with the drawers. Do you know it's history at all?

    Nice to hear your voice and see where your creativity blooms.

  17. Ooooo how special to see into your special space! It looks magical!

  18. oh, wow! color me green with envy!
    I'm jealous of your amazing bead stash, my dear.
    And that presstype cabinet is absolutely to die for! I'd LOVE to have one just like it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Lorelei! What a wonderful studio!
    Why would one be laughing when you so generously shared a part of your creative life with us...

    I want your stash! Eheheh.....

    you look cute in your hat too!

    Thanks for sharing!


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