Welcome to 2010

I'm a pretty plain person when it comes to my wardrobe. I don't break any major style rules. I keep my look on the down low. My favorite store is Gap. I rarely buy anything else. So you could say my style is and always has been preppy.

Working in the art field, I see a lot of different fashion come through the doors of the museum. And if I feel like being wild and crazy one day, I can get away with it because well, it's a nice expression of my personality and they're all about that there.

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while now and it finally came to fruition on New Years Eve when we went out to dinner with some friends to a local Greek restaurant. Being New Years, there were several ladies dressed in their best for the occasion.
I saw one girl in particular sporting a very very short dress, that bubbled at her butt, and no hose or tights with these nice yellow pumps.
You will not see me wearing any sort of pumps in any electric color, in 2010. For that matter here are a few more things that you will not see me wearing in the upcoming year.

Leg warmers. Hello, 1985. Yea these are handmade, and have cute buttons but come on. Reeeally?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about MC Hammer and Can't Touch This was a great song but these pants might be going right over the line, in 2010.

You will not ever see me in a pair of skinny jeans. It took me a long time just to peg my pants in the 80s. First of all, I am a size 10 foot and there is no way my feet are fitting through the leg holes of these babies. NO WAY. Secondly my weight sits at the hip and this style cannot lend well to that body shape.

I'm not sure what this girl is going for with this weird look but you won't see me wearing hip hugging sweaters in 2010. Maybe if I lost 97 pounds, I'd think about it.

Stretch pants are in right now. And now we are again reverting back to the 80s with the heel strap. And this model isn't even trying to cover up the strap with the leg warmers. HUH??

Ahh yes and here we are at the new Sketchers. The shoe that is supposed to be a work-out while wearing them. Nope, I'd say you will not be seeing me wear anything like this in 2010. I mean, come on! It's 2010, they can'tmake a sneaker that is supposed to work out your tush, look a little more modern and a little less orthopedic??

Hope you had fun on this journey. I know I did. But I always laugh at my own jokes.
What styles are you
avoiding this year?


  1. What a fun romp through "what NOT to wear!" There's lots you wont' see me wear - but I'd say you surely won't see me in these shorts:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the laugh! There's lots of things I won't wear since I keep it pretty plain, and I'm never 'in fashion'.

    I try to stay away from spandex. Don't people know that it shows every lump, bump, dimple and bulge? And I hate seeing ladies do that squat and tug on their pants when the spandex begins to loosen up and droop by mid day. And you'll never see my belly due to low-rise pants, and I don't even own a pair of thongs-thank you very much (sorry hubby)! No heels, thanks to foot problems. Just give me a t-shirt and jeans and I'm happy.

  3. Ahhh...I've found my people :o) I agree with everything you posted, Lorelei! I don't do heels because I've already fallen enough times in my life without them...

    I've always been a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl...I dare Tim Gunn to show up at my closet and try to take them away from me! I may love the man, but T-shirts and jeans WORK in Texas! :o)

  4. LOVE this!!! I won't be caught dead in any of these!! Stirrup pants??? uh! hideous!!!

  5. Love your post - I don't think I could even walk in heels. I am strictly a jeans and sweater type of gal. I like comfortable - very comfortable and I DO think my bikini years are over too!!!!

  6. OMG!!! LMAO!!! I am so there! Skinny jeans??? who was the dummy that came up with that one? lol I would not be seen dead wearing that. lol. I may own a pair of leg warmers, but they are for the express purpose of keeping my legs warm under my winter boots, because let's face it folks, that is what they were made for AND I live in Canada where it does get colder than -40F.

    Thanks for the laugh


  7. Anonymous1/05/2010

    Notice that a lot of these Fashion statements are made for size 00. Come on! That is not a size and if designers keep making clothes to force women to be that size than shame on them. But maybe all I need to do is throw on the orthopedic sketchers, walk back and forth to the fridge a few times and I will be throwing on the skinny jeans in no time. But I am still standing by the rule that no man should ever sport them.

  8. I've always said that if you wore the fashion when it first came out, you should not even try to wear it when it returns. That quote used to be about mini-skirts, but I stand by it with the leggings and spandex!

    Love the post L!

  9. Anonymous1/05/2010

    thanks for the laugh lorelei! you wont see me sporting any of these fads either :)
    I was just thinking about those silly sketcher shoes the other day. seriously? shoes that tone your butt? hilarious! and the stirrup pant! OMG :)

  10. Lorelei, This is just waht I needed after sending 3 tired kids out the door for the first time after break! Its great. I am over 40 years old, and I have finally figured out what body parts I should accentuate,and that I want to be comfortable. I try to be somewhat stylish but you wont see me in those yellow pumps! I am with Alice, no thongs here! Some things are not designed for real women that's for sure!

  11. well I won't be wearing any of the articles mentioned either so who exactly is buying this stuff??? I garee with you, I've already lived through the eighties and don't care to return to that era thanks anyway!

  12. I will NOT be wearing any of the above! When I first saw the post I thought you had bought those yellow pumps....and I thought Lordy, Lordy!

  13. Anonymous1/05/2010

    i just fell out of my chair laughing...no, i will NOT be wearing any of the mentioned fashions this year..

  14. Was afraid also that you had bought a pair of those pumps! Actually dated a guy in the late
    70's (1970's that is) that wore a pair of those sneakers to school. How sick is that!!

  15. Y'know, I think I'm going to just give up and wear a Snuggly (y'know, those blankets with the sleeves that they advertise on TV) for all occasions from now on. Fashion seems to be only for 5'10" 16 year olds who weigh 90 lbs. or less.

    And hey, I lived through the 80's already (and have the teasing comb, aqua net and gold glitter hair mousse to prove it). I'm not doing it again.

  16. Did you break into my house and snap pics of everything I have in my closet? LOL

  17. Mel Mel1/05/2010

    Oh darn L I was so looking forward to seeing you in those "Hammer" pants WITH the leg warmers AND the yellow pumps!!!!! I'm a big lady so I think i'll stick to my Tunic type shirts and my cotton knit dress pants. Comfy and casual.

  18. Thanks for the post! I needed that - So much fun!

  19. TOO funny!! Somedays I swear I'm gonna just wear my jewelry and go naked!!! (Well, not really...)
    Someone above commented on the sizing these days - MEN, who else would design some the crap out there??!! And, don't get me started about sizing.
    I hated some of those styles in the 60's and 70's and I still hate today's reincarnations. I used to be a GAP gal and a Talbot's gal (for the day job), but no longer. I love my old classics/preppy that still look like new, because at one time they knew how to properly sew and tailor clothing.
    Shoes? - I cringe when I see those spikers - a broken ankle changes your footwear styles, fast.
    I sometimes look at my yards of fabric and am tempted to drag out the sewing machine...

    Thanks for the ride today Lorelei!

  20. The worst offender in all these fashion Don't are the MC Hammer pants! What a hoot!

  21. How funny! Sad thing is, I wore many of these styles when they came out the first time. :)

  22. I love the MC hammer pants. Do you know where I can get a pattern??

  23. What! You won't wear the yellow pumps or the leg warmers? I guess I wouldn't either. Interesting choices!

  24. I had stirrup pants in elementary school from Lands End. I also had a pair of those MC Hammer pants... to play a genie in the musical stage adaptation of "Aladin." Oh, fashion...

    And while I appreciate hand made things, those leg warmers would make a girl look like the budweiser ponies.

  25. You're too funny. Lorelei. Now we need to find a picture of someone wearing all these fashion mishaps at the same time.

  26. Liked this post alot -made me laugh! I'll think about what I shall aviod! Your LoveLetter is just perfect! Love//Eva

  27. As Emanda said, if you wore it the first time round, don't go near it the second time ! So funny - was reading it on the train on the way to work and had to hold back laughing out loud in case my fellow travelers thought I was a bit unhinged ! Maybe I was unhinged in the 80's as i did wear some of those dodgy pieces..!

  28. What an absolute HOOT, Lorelei! Even though fashion and trends are said to repeat themselves every 20 years, there is no way I'm doing the leg warmers, peg pants, stirrup pants OR ugly tennies again. My size in the 80's - a 7. Size now, well, we won't go there. The only thing I'm diggin' from the 80's again is the GRUNGE ROCK HAIR BANDS! Men with long hair and deep voices ROCK!

  29. Giggling at all your comments! I'm glad you all got a kick out of this post! It was fun to write. I'll try to do more of these once in a while. We could all use a good laugh now and then!

  30. I have to say I LOVE the yellow pumps! But the Sketchers remind me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets dental work and is wearing the special "jump" shoes and gets mistaken for a special needs person! I miss Seinfeld.

  31. girl... don't be hate-in' on the leg warmers... leg warmers ROCK... leg warmers are awesome... I wish I were as cool as leg warmers... you just gotta wear them UNDER your jeans not on top and that whole 80s vibe completely disappears.

  32. Lorelei...brilliant post! This totally cracked me up! It's something to see the Hammer pants being worn around Hong Kong.

    I won't be wearing any of these fashions either...although I will own up that I did wear a few of them ***cough, cough...leggings, sweater*** when I was a teenager. And they say if were around to wear it the first you really shouldn't wear it when it comes back.

  33. Mel Mel1/07/2010

    Oh and what about those runway fashion shows, where everything seems to be from outer space or from the scrap bin. WHO is it for???
    Do they really sell it somewhere or is it just for the runway as a form of expression for the designer??? It doesn't seem wearable in everyday life. Some of it is so outlandish. FUN but....

  34. I'm with you on this post Lorelei! Sometimes I wonder what the fashion world is thinking, they are so far removed from what real people actually want to wear. I honestly do not know a single person who wants to wear that Hammer pant style, and I live in Chicago and work with a bunch of 20-somethings. This whole "let's relive the 80's" thing needs to stop.

  35. Boy, did you hit the nail on the head!

    I am completely about being clean, comfortable and cuddly at all times and none of these pieces say any of that.

    Right on, Lorelei. My respect for you grows weekly.


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