Backaches and Blog Headaches

Good Morning!

Ahhh well, what's new today you ask?
It's currently 6:57am. I have been up since 4:15am.
Well, I rolled over and felt the ever-so-familiar feeling of instant muscle spasm.
This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, it happens about once every 2 months lately. I have really about had enough. And I've come to the conclusion that it is caused by one thing in particular.
So, while sitting here with a heating pad on it, and a cup of cooling coffee, I am reorganizing my blog. I figure it's a sign, all this trouble I've been having with the comments. And it forces me to make changes. Even though I was quite smitten with my blog. Now it's WAY different. I hope it's still nice, and eye catching. I found a site with a bazillion free templates. Downloaded a new template and voila! We now have the "Stubborn" template happening. How fitting! Stubborn was the last blog template. Not allowing me to have a comments link or a date. 
I think I've got it now.
Good thing is, there are a lot of templates to choose from so when I get all OCD and need a change, I can easily do that. I'll probably be switching it all up a bit more often. The only thing I couldn't keep was that cool  banner I made myself. Oh well.

The other all-consuming stress in my life right now is filing taxes. I'm a fretter. I worry. 
and I am worrying about doing this. So hopefully I'll be able to crank this out today as well,
while I'm home with a bum neck. Although I wonder how my muscle relaxer and tax preparing abilities will mesh today. Hmmm. I'll let you know how it works out.

Enjoy the new blog! I updated the blog list. And I'm still working on the kinks. and please. leave. comments. i am going through comment withdrawl.
Even if you hate the new layout, leave a comment anyway.


  1. Love the new look. Will you share the free site of templates?
    Also, take it from one that has had three back surgeries, no heat! Cold packs shrink the muscle spasm. If you have a bag of frozen veggies the bag molds around the spot of the spasm.
    How's that for a comment!?

  2. hey!
    the comments work! yay!
    Ok I'll add this into the post but the site for free templates is:
    As for the cold pack. Might I remind you that it currently is a high of 17 degrees outside. Nope, I don't think I'll be whipping out any frozen veggies for my pain. Heat just feels better.

  3. New blog is nice. Old blog was nice too. Ice pack ice pack ice pack Lorelie. Second person who used to suffer from back pain. Rule is always ice for first 24 hours. (I went to Kripalu and am managing stress much better)

  4. What you have is swelling. Ice reduces the swelling. Heat does not. Your choice....

  5. Hmm. well-
    point well taken.
    i will remove the heat.

  6. Loving the new blog look, glad its all sorted.

    Now try and relax as you cross one more thing of your list.

  7. Love the new look! I get those spasms sometimes too. It's annoying because it't the "nothing" things that trigger- sneezing, brushing teeth- SLEEPING!!! Ugh:( And I can never bring myself to using ice either. Feel better. The blog looks great! Thanks for sharing.

  8. The new look is great. And thank you for sharing the site. I hope your neck gets better soon. Taxes, yuk.

  9. I really like this layout! I hope you feel better soon :)

  10. what a surprise to find this new layout. like the look.
    Sorry about the back pain..
    that always happens to me at Tax time , when my head is bent over in one position over working..

  11. I LOVE the new look. It looks so welcoming! I'm sorry to hear about the back pain and good luck with the taxes! I did the shop for the personal taxes this weekend--that will be a fun one!
    Bead Happy!

  12. yay for radical change! it can be invigorating. My low back gets sore too since I started making jewelry. It's the hunched-over-your-beads thing with the forward head posture. When your shoulders are rounded forward and your head is forward (classic beading pose) it puts pressure on the muscles in your low back to keep you from tipping over forward, and voila. Sore back. My Rx is find a really good physical therapist who understands posture and body mechanics and do what they tell you to do religiously! My PT saves my life on a regular basis!

  13. I like the new look, the buttons at the top are convenient.
    My body seems to know that I am stressed before my brain knows whats bothering me. Menopause is a drag palpitations, GERD, fatigue, etc, etc, etc.....

  14. Wow, thanks for adding me to your blog list!!!!

  15. Thats really nice looking Lorelei!
    Very professional looking. I like
    it lots and lots!

  16. The first thing I noticed was the new blog layout. It's a good one and I like all the navigation at the top. Take care of yourself. Maybe even get a nap in today?

  17. Like the look of the new blog and hopefully it will ease the stress you were having with the old one. Sorry about your neck. Having serious back issues I do agree with the others - ice(I know the heat FEEKS better). Good luck.

  18. I like the new blog layout! Very cool. Good luck with the taxes. I haven't started mine yet. ACK! There's just too much to do, I've got a lot on my plate right now, but it's good I'm busy. I'm not complaining. :) Feel better, Sweetie!

  19. Anonymous2/05/2010

    I miss your beautiful banners, but otherwise the new template is quite nice. I do hope, though, that we still get an occasional look "Inside the Studio", even though that undertitle had to make room for the bead obsession ;)

  20. Neat new look =)
    It is too bad about the banner but change is good sometimes
    best of luck with the sore neck

  21. argoknot2/05/2010

    Lorelei - The blog site is very easy to navigate and I like the look. Miss your banner too but you can work that on your etsy site for the time being. Ice, ice, baby! I too suffer, and after 24 hours you can switch out between the two! Love all the new stuff you have been creating, your mind works in marvelous ways!! Rest up and feel better!! Debby

  22. You guys are so great. Thanks so much for all your comments today. Seriously. You are the reason I keep doing this blog thing. I am so glad that you all enjoy reading it and keeping up on what I'm up to. And sometimes I even feel like such a whiner and you STILL read it.
    Now that's commitment.
    thank you.
    from the bottom of my heart.

  23. I love what you did with the place! Is that a new font? Tee hee! Enjoy that muscle relaxer!

  24. Like the new look! Cool! I go to the chiropractor and it helps a lot, I mean A LOT! Also, exercise should help you too. I know, it's hard to think about right now, but when you start to feel better, at least get walking. It will help your back get stronger!

  25. Nice Layout! You are always doing something new, I love it!

  26. Love the blog. Thanks for the link to the templates - I may re-do my boring page too.
    Take care, stay warm. BREATHE.

  27. Anonymous2/05/2010

    Love the new look, but do miss the banner. Everything changed around keeps us guessing. It's all good!


  28. Wow! Thanks so much for the link to the blog templates! I had several hours of fun looking through them and have downloaded a couple to play with. Love you new look :)

  29. Hey L,

    Love the new look, miss the original photo on top, like the navigation of the new template. Sorry about your bum back, fget better soon.

  30. Love the new look! About your neck/back pain--the other ladies are correct, Lorelei--ice, ice, ice! Only for 20 minutes--no more or you start undoing the good you did. After an hour, you can go for 20 more minutes. Also, look for a chiropractor who uses an instrument called an "activator"--you will be amazed at the relief. Good luck. CJ (just 'google' the word activator)

  31. It looks fun! I can't wait to see how you change it up! I love to change things now and then. :( I am not on your blog list... ...
    pleeeeese as my 2 year old would say.

    Have a great day :)

  32. I suggest much Vicodin for the back (and heck, you'll quite worrying about the taxes, too, so it's a win-win). Love the new blog template and YAY! that I can finally leave comments again.

  33. Ok I'm going to be the only voice of dissention. I prefer the old blog layout.
    I am not a fan of busy backgrounds and being impatient, they take too long to load. IMHO your lovely designs do not need competition.
    As for sore necks and backs - chiropracter and a turn on a TEMS machine.

  34. I'm not sure if the muscle spasm you're talking about is back pain or some other area of the body but you can fix this problem.
    There is a lot of confusing information available about back pain. I like to keep things simple by using a quick little test. Try this out. It’ll literally take 1 minute.
    Lie down on your back for 30 seconds with legs extended out, resting on the floor. Now bend your knees so the feet are sitting flat on the floor near your behind for 30 seconds. Which one feels better? If your back pain diminishes with knees bent then your spine has excessive extension stress acting on it. There are simple exercises to correct this. If your spine felt better with legs extended then you have excessive flexion stress acting on your spine. Again this is easily correctable.
    Chronic pain results from a cycle of issues. Anatomical problems feed biomechanical issues which then affect movement habits that reinforce the original anatomical and biomechanical problems. Fixing back pain requires attention to all three levels. It's quite simple to correct though and outlined this in my book. I’m very successful treating chronic pain and it is likely this information will be the key you’ve been missing to fix your pain. I’ve also posted this test on YouTube, if you’re interested.
    By the way, I like you're jewelry.
    Best, Rick Olderman

  35. I like it! I'm too technologically...duh!, to change things up.

  36. Love the new look. Hey don't stress out about taxes it just isn't worth it and it only Feb.

  37. I love the new look for your blog! thanks for sharing the template info. I've gone back and forth on my blog design. It's very neutral now, which became boring today!

    thanks again.

  38. love the new blog look - they do have some nice templates

  39. I really like your blog! it's not only informative but also lovely! i love it!


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