A Bead Giveaway You Won't Want to MISS!


  1. Good Morning Lorelei! Ive just seen this too and entered! Im def going to buy a heart or two next week from her...arent they lovely?! Hope she has some left!

  2. Thanks, Lorelei. And how did you do that? It is like bigger than life. It jumps off the screen. I think maybe you are having too much fun with graphics :-)

  3. FO SHO! I can't do things like everyone else, gotta be different yo!
    I do hope I win though. seriously. these are fab. I think the beads are my favorite thing that you make, besides the bronze pendants. :)

  4. Those are beautiful. Awesome graphic too! Thanks for the info. Off to enter...

  5. Love this graphic...so cool! I would love to win these awesome beads too, but if not, I still have beads coming from LeAnn that I ordered, so I will be happy either way! :)



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