A busy Day


  1. Good for you! All my busy work is non-tangible -- taxes, paperwork, writing. Bleh.

  2. Those are all the things I SHOULD have been doing... but jewelry won out.

    good for you for getting that stuff done!

  3. I like them all but love the necklace with the royal blue beads and the ultra feminine pendant, pictured in the right lower hand corner.

  4. OOOOOoh, I love that one too!

  5. 5 WOW's!!!!!
    What is that pendant in the lower right hand corner? So speckly beautiful!

  6. I spent the entire day ferrying my daughter to and from dance practice, and helping my friend Rainy....her business is closing next week, and I am just so sad. It is called Art Village, a place to make art, because "Art Saves Lives" and rainy sure saved mine.
    Love that little birdie. But my favorite is the upper right hand corner. That is truly lovely.
    Thanks for sharing your eye candy Lorelei! It has cheered me.
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Love the central bracelet - luscious spring green for all you in the north. Here it reminds me how green everything is (and how fast it is growing :0) after all the rain

  8. TesoriTrovati I know what you mean. Not enough people support art. It kills me that every year the crafters at the church craft shows are less and less and that art and drama are the first cut from the school budget. It can be such a great outlet for people. Very therapeutic . Found some great guitar picks that say "Rock the Arts" and just had to turn them into earrings so people can wear them and spread the word. I spend alot of my day ferrying my girls around, too, but beading is sometimes my "me" time and sometimes I bead with my girls and my friends. Sorry about your friend's shop. I hope she continues to use her art in other ways.

  9. I like the way the seed beads in the top right necklace seem to go directly into the lampworked bead and skull. Nice touch.

  10. I'm ready to have my own "productive" day...I guess it depends on how you define productivity. I'm always inspired by your work. :) I need some blogging/photo assistance...what app do you use to create your collages? I want to try out some new things with my pictures and was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

  11. Hi Jenn!
    I make my collages in Picasa.
    But I've also made them at http://bighugelabs.com/


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