Digging into the dragon hord

Honey Bee Dreams
Okay, so, I think I'm finally done hoarding goodies from Amanda Davie. The dream connector here is the first piece I've used. I've just been buying them a few at a time and now I have a nice little dragon hord of a stash going on. Time to start using them.  I paired this sweet stamped bronze metal clay connector with some wire wrapped faceted opal nuggets, a lampwork nugget from Kelleys Beads, some bar chain, and a bee charm from Candice Wakumoto,(i got it from Andrew)  and amber glass looking glass drop from Cindy Gimbrone. I love how it came out, and the amber and teal color combination has to be one of my all time favorites.

Lavender Hopping

I also used a few of those cute lavender beads I blogged about last week. I thought they'd be cute paired with these brass dragonflies which were actually linked together in a chain that I found at Michael's. Both of these new pieces are now in my etsy shop.

I am spending the day at home today. After 18 inches of snow fell in the last 24 hours, I don't plan on leaving my little oasis of home.  STAY WARM!


  1. That bar chain you used is really cool. And I can't believe you didn't hoard those little gorgeous lavender beads longer. Both designs look fabulous!

  2. I was wondering what you'd do with those beads. Both things are gorgeous.

  3. Gorgeous! I too, was curious about how you would use those lavender beads and the pair of earrings are perfect!

    I am really excited about Amanda Davie, not very many people are selling the copper and bronze clay elements and to have someone of her talent offer them is wonderful!

  4. LOVE the bracelet! The colors really do pair well together.

    I found those same dragonfly connectors at Michaels and I love how they look with the lavender beads here.

    Very lovely.

  5. What beautiful pieces!
    Enjoy your snow day! :-)

  6. Really Really pretty! Love those faceted opal beads:)

  7. I love the lavender beads!

  8. Love the colour combination of aqua and amber with bronze (but then again I have a thing for bronze) and the earrings are scrumptious!


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