Dreaming of Spirits and Weekly Links

Doesn't this bed look dreamy? I totally want a canopy bed now! With twinkle lights. and twigs!
Love this rich teal color on the walls too. I was actually thinking about painting my bed this color. Joe
built this bed for us with his 2 hands. I love that. but it could use sprucing up.

This is a totally random post today. Speaking of beds, I had major nightmares the other night after watching Paranormal Activity. Everyone said on facebook, oh it was sooo cheesy. It actually was a bit cheesy until the end when the nasty spirit pulled Katie from her bed and dragged her down the hall.

This was my dream that very night. I woke up with start, had the sweats, and couldn't decipher
whether the dream was real or not. But I felt scared and couldn't even open my eyes. Every time
I would drift back into sleep I would slip back into the dream again. I could feel my body tensing up
like I was trying to keep the spirit in my dream from picking my body up. Oh scary.
I should not watch movies/shows like this before bed. I can usually handle Ghost Adventures, or Paranormal State because nothing really scary happens in those shows.

I'll be posting again later today. I made a few things last night, and will show you some photos later, so check back in.

Here are the weekly links:
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  1. You're braver than me - I can't even watch those shows! I am a big wimp. My house is so old, and it is always making all kinds of weird noises - I hate it when my husband travels and I am all alone. When he is gone, my dogs bark at every little noise thinking it's him coming home, so that makes me even more tense.

  2. The bed your man built you is lovely! Hes quite talented and that really saves a bundle. The twig beds nice too. Ive got this really wonderful bed carved pine and the headboard is carved like a gingerbread cookie ,man I would never change furniture lol. If he makes you a twig wood bed you could really do alot with that make a bird nest in part of it the ideas could be endless some twittering birds...

  3. I hate those never ending dreams that you just can't get away from. Makes for a sleepless nite.

  4. I am such a screamer in horror movies (Dave takes full advantage of that and will grab me or take a quick deep breath and out the scream comes). I always find something funny to watch after to get my mind in a better place...

    Love the pic of the room too - we are moving Chloe into a new room and get to design it from scratch. So many ideas!!!


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