Favorite Things

 Romancing the Stone, now available

1. This antique lace I bought while with my friend Kerry, at a local antique mall.
2. this steamy cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer
3. 2 Nights of Free Beading while Joe goes to visit his Mother
4. The fact that I won't have to cook all day, since we have leftovers from both meals at the birthday dinner.
5. A happy purring cat on my lap.
6. When my Mom calls just to say Hi
7. Shopping for warm weather clothes for my upcoming trip to Florida.
8. cinnamon toast crunch
9. Getting small packages of love in the mail almost daily
10. The fact that I can be a little late coming back from lunch because I don't have a high pressure job
11. Keeping up with the Kardashians
12. Chelsea Lately
13. Sending surprises to my sister in the mail.
14. my car
15. a pair of old beat up and ripped wool clogs from Keen
16. The awesome pewter Fan that I got from Lynn for my House at Riverton necklace 
17. Any and all beads from Mika Collins
18.  My electric blanket on a cold night
19. Ghost shows on tv
20. my bead cabinet, because without it my craft room would look like a bead shop open for business


  1. The necklace is gorgeous! And I love your list.

  2. Beautiful necklace!

    I can almost smell the coffee while reading through your "Favorite Things"!

    Thank you!


  3. nodding my head along with the count, until #17 - and then i have to shout out in agreement... pure beauty...

  4. #20~ my bead room does look like a bead store w/ all of the little odds & ends bowl, saucers & assorted dishes!

  5. Have you ever posted photos of your studio? I'd love to see a pic of your bead cabinet.

    What software did you use to redesign your blog? It looks great!

  6. Awww, I love your list.
    I'm going to send you some antique lace now....

  7. Mel Mel2/17/2010

    OMG, I am a huge Chelsea Lately fan. I just can't get enough. Sometimes I laugh so hard i'm afraid i'll wake my husband up. Love your list and the necklace.

  8. Love the new blog tweak!
    Great list.
    I would add to the list surprises. I love 'em ;-) And you always surprise me when I come to visit this happy place.

    Enjoy the day!

  9. Love the list... especially the one about coming to Florida! We've had some cooler weather here lately, nothing we are quite used to, but I am sure it will still be sunny and bright when you arrive. Love the Kardashians, love Chelsea, soo jealous of you bead cabinet. I gotta find one of those!


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