Gardanne Beads

Have you checked out Anne's beads yet? She's a lampworker who creates little bits of magic using glass.
This Kandinsky bead was given to me several months ago when Anne stopped in and went to lunch with me. I hoarded it for a while, and then finally settled on this bracelet design.
I love Anne's glass techniques. She has a wonderful sense of color and always creates something interesting and unique.

If you have a minute this chilly Saturday morning, and you want to peruse Anne's shop- click here to go to her Etsy store Gardanne Beads.

If you are interested in seeing some behind the scenes stuff, check out Anne's blog.


  1. That bead is so perfectly Kandinsky!
    I love it! She does make the best beads. I won some from her awhile ago...glad to know I am not the only hoarder in the bunch! *wink*
    Just finished my second pass through Stringing and I've got to say that Springtime Collaboration is one of my favorites! Well done, my friend! Enjoy this frosty day with someone you love. Erin

  2. I love her beads. I linked to your Dragonflier necklace today in my blog post. Thanks again for the love!

  3. Thank you, I am quite full of myself this morning.

  4. Oh! What a beautiful bead and wonderful design! Very Kandinsky indeed - superb!

  5. I love this bracelet Lorelei - what a beauty, and Anne's bead is s stunner.

  6. I love the bracelet -- and her "Periwinkle Delight" bead is AMAZING!

  7. Gah! So many beautiful beads in her shop! You know an artist is great when you feel your heart pace a little faster. The 'Amber and Ivory' set is delicious! Thanks for introducing me to GardanneBeads, I think I'm lurve. =P


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