A Girl on a Horse

My Dad sent this to me in the mail.
I recall seeing this years ago, it was a nice
little blast from the past, so unexpected!
That's me on the horse. at the fair.
in August.

I'm still trying to figure why my parents had me dressed
in long pants and long sleeves in the dead of Summer.
This picture was clearly taken BEFORE
my dreaded fear of horses set in.

Anyway, thought it would be fun
to share.


  1. Anonymous2/19/2010

    Adorable! You look really sweet and pensive. Must have been one of those cool summer days you guys get upstate NY. You know, summer comes on a Thursday...


  2. I love it! I imagine that they had you dressed like that to avoid the itchy rash you might get from sitting on a horse! lol. Or it was a cool August day?? I gues you will have to ask them and see what they say :)


  3. That is so sweet!
    Sounds like there is a story to tell about horses and your past...might it rival my experience being pecked by a crow when I was 8? Do tell!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Oh Cute!!
    You know, I'm one of those parents who make my kids wear "Sun Shirts" because I don't trust that sunblock is a healthy thing to be throwing all over my kids or myself. Yep, I'm a bit different ;-)

    Cute photo!

  5. What a lovely pic Lorelei! Im married now to a Brit, but I had 8 horses with my X. They were a bit of work but it was fun getting hay up and raising chicks and ducklings every spring. I miss my old friends! Thanks for the sweet glimpse. Instead of horses now I feed my beading lol....

  6. Mel Mel2/19/2010

    Oh so sweet. Did you notice that your Blog photo is very similar to the pose in the news article? Just a little cutie aren't you. Have a great weekend.

  7. Sweet! Living with two little ones, my guess for the long sleeves and pants... protection! I can't tell you how many scuffed knees I would have saved my cuties if I had insisted on pants for out door play!


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